Simple Ways To Prevent Box Elder Bugs in Your Toronto Home

Simple Ways To Prevent Box Elder Bugs in Your Toronto Home

While common invaders like termites and rats might grab more pest-related headlines, lesser-known creepy crawlies are also a source of nuisance for many homeowners. When box elder bugs, for instance, set up residence in your house, they leave unpleasant filth, odour and stains in their wake.

Fortunately, it’s easy to adopt some good homecare habits that prevent box elder bug infestations. Here’s what you need to know about identifying and combatting these winged insects, along with how to get in touch with residential pest control in Toronto when the problem is too much to handle on your own.

What Are Box Elder Bugs?

Named for the trees they often make their homes in, box elder bugs are found anywhere this maple species grows, including Toronto. Reaching a length of about 1.2 centimetres in adulthood, these dark-winged bugs are often confused with stink bugs. While the odours they emit when crushed and their size make the two insects similar, the unique orange-red markings on the box elder bugs’ backs distinguish them.

Box elder bugs seek warmth for winter hibernation, which draws them to move into homes and garages. Although they don’t pose a serious danger to humans, pets, or structures, the stains and filth created by their feces, along with their bad odour, make it imperative to keep them from invading your house.

How Can You Prevent Infestations?

While it’s always smart to build a relationship with an experienced team of bug-control professionals, keeping pests out of your home in the first place is the best way to stave off issues. When it comes to preventing box elder bug infestations, take heed of these do-it-yourself tips:

  • Clear Away Wood and Debris – Lingering piles of wood and other landscape detritus are very inviting for box elder bugs and other pests. Before winter, clear away such debris to give insects one less place to hibernate during the cold weather.
  • Seal Cracks – Box elder bugs are opportunists and take advantage of even the smallest entry points into homes. Patching up splintered or loose siding and filling in cracked plaster or stucco reduce easy access and keeps box elder bugs outdoors where they belong. Don’t forget to check your foundation and roof, too.
  • Close Window and Door Gaps – Spaces around your doors and windows are as appealing to box elder bugs as cracks, so inspect these areas closely and seal up even the tiniest gaps. Replacing worn weather stripping and applying extra caulking also limits invasions.
  • Keep Up With VacuumingMaintaining a tidy home is key in deterring any number of insect infestations, and it helps minimize the impact if box elder bugs are in your home. While vacuuming won’t get rid of box elder bugs entirely, it curbs the aforementioned odour and staining problems.

When You Need Professional Pest Control, Call Truly Nolen!

While the tips above help many homeowners keep box elder bugs at bay, if your own efforts fall short it’s time to talk to the pros. Fortunately, our Truly Nolen Toronto team is well-trained in ridding your home of these pesky invaders and restoring your peace of mind with our proven pest control measures.

At Truly Nolen, we know how to get rid of bugs and other nuisance critters safely and effectively. We protect your family, pets, and home from harm while ensuring your house is perfectly pest-free. We’ll even set up a multi-season pest control plan designed to tackle your home’s specific challenges, so you live without worry 365 days a year. Just hop online to schedule your inspection today, and leave your box elder bug problem to Truly Nolen!