Toronto Pest Control: 3 Ways to Prevent Mice in the Kitchen

Ways prevent mice kitchen

Mice may look like small, furry rodents that can’t cause much damage to your home, but in reality, the pests can wreak havoc on your property. Not only are they notorious for carrying contagious diseases, but they also damage your food supply and electrical systems. Because a single female is capable of giving birth to a dozen kits at a time several times every year, having a single mouse in your home can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation. Prevention is the best tactic for mice control in Toronto

Here are three tips to help you prevent mice in your kitchen.

1. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Mice are notorious scavengers, and if they find an easy source of food, they’re not likely to leave willingly. The easiest way to deter rodents from your home is to keep your kitchen clean at all times. Clean up crumbs daily and wipe up any spills immediately after they happen. Make it a habit to tidy your kitchen every night to ensure there is no food left out to entice mice.

You also need to take precautions with the food in your pantry. Mice can easily gnaw through flimsy cardboard boxes, so keeping your food in its original containers is often ineffective for guarding it against rodents. It’s a better idea to keep all of your open food in airtight containers. Mice typically don’t chew through plastic, so it’s a good way to ensure rodents cannot steal or contaminate food.

2. Eliminate Entry Points

Even if you think there are no obvious holes in your home’s exterior that are large enough for mice to fit through, you need to look again. Rodents are capable of squeezing through tiny holes as small as a dime in diameter, so even inconspicuous cracks you don’t notice on your first inspection could offer them entry into your home. Make it a habit to inspect your home regularly and board up any potential points of entry to keep mice from entering your house in the first place. If they can’t enter, they can’t take up residence if they find an easy source of food inside the house.

3. Get Rid of Potential Nesting Places

Once mice find a hospitable environment, they start looking for cozy places to build a nest. They are notorious for using any type of material they can find, including carpet fibres, string and bits of insulation to line their nests with for additional comfort. They prefer to nest in quiet places, so make sure you inspect your kitchen for any potential nesting spots. Any type of fabric left out such as oven mitts or dish towels gives rodents a good material to use for creating a nest, and you might find existing nests built inside cabinets that are not frequently used.

Call an Expert for Help

If you’ve ever wondered what is the best way to control mice, the answer is prevention. Mice are less likely to take up residence in your home if the house is not a suitable environment, so make sure all of your food is properly stored and keep your space tidy and organized to minimize nesting. 

Unfortunately, sometimes mice get into your home and take up residence despite your best efforts to deter them. When this happens, it’s best to call a professional for immediate help. The technicians at Truly Nolen have years of experience dealing with mice infestations, so we know how to find their hiding places and do our due diligence to get rid of the entire family of rodents in your home.

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