Toronto Pest Control: Enjoy a Carpenter Ant-Free Property With These Landscaping Tips

Enjoy a Carpenter Ant-Free Property With These Landscaping Tips

As a Toronto homeowner, you probably do all you can to protect your home from invasive insect pests, such as the hardy and industrious carpenter ants. This species does not eat wood as termites do; however, they can damage any wooden surface by scraping and chewing into it to create tunnels and nests. At Truly Nolen, we can provide carpenter ant treatment, along with a few landscaping tips that may help you prevent these pests from entering your home.

1. Keep Tree Branches Trimmed 

Carpenter ants may find their way into your home using tree branches that overhang your roof. They use branches as a type of bridge and find their way onto your roof, where they can gain entrance in several ways, including:

  • Crawling under damaged shingles or flashing 
  • Loose chimney caps 
  • Chewing roofing wood

You can reduce the risk of a carpenter ant infestation by keeping tree branches trimmed back well away from your home’s roof.

2. Keep Your Mulch Shallow 

If you have mulch on your property, then you may attract carpenter ant scouts seeking out moist wood to make their nests. Mulch makes for fine landscaping material, but you may inadvertently invite carpenter ants to nest close to your home, where they might eventually find a way inside.

Mulch control can help you reduce the chance of carpenter ants making their home inside your mulch. Spread it thinly, and avoid making beds more than a few inches deep. If the ants realize they cannot tunnel deeply and use the wood to make their nest, this could discourage them from nesting in your mulch.

3. Cover and Store Firewood Away From Your Deck 

Carpenter ants are often drawn to moist or rotting wood; a pile of unprotected firewood on or near your backyard deck may attract them. While these ants prefer untreated and moist wood, they enjoy sweet foods and meat and may try to find their way inside your home if they pick up these scents.

You can protect your deck and home by storing your firewood properly. Use bricks or plastic crates to elevate your wood pile off the ground and cover it with a plastic tarp to prevent moisture rot. Storing your firewood in a shed can also discourage a fire ant invasion.

4. Plant Shrubs Away From Your Exterior Walls 

While decorative shrubs can catch the eye of visiting friends and family, they may also attract carpenter ants. Larger shrubs may take some time to dry after a rainstorm, and wet wood draws carpenter ants eager to make a nest. Planting your shrubs at least a few feet away from your home’s exterior walls can discourage these ants from climbing on siding and finding their way into your home.

We Provide Carpenter Ant Treatment 

While you may attempt to solve the issue of how to get rid of carpenter ants with store-bought sprays and traps, this may only provide you with temporary relief because these solutions usually do not kill the entire colony. Our pest control technicians have the tools and the experience to resolve your carpenter ant problem by inspecting your home and finding any possible entrance points, which they will then seal before treating your home with products that will not harm your children or pets.

When you discover these wood-loving insect invaders around your Toronto home, you may wonder, “Is there carpenter ant control near me that can prevent future issues?” Truly Nolen of Toronto provides pest control services for your peace of mind so you and your family can enjoy your home without having to worry about the overall unpleasantness of these pests.

Carpenter ants can cause damage to your home’s wood structures and nest all around your home. Schedule an inspection with us today and let us help you defend your Toronto home.