Toronto Pest Control: Keep Mice Out of Your Summer Cottage With These Tips

Keep Mice Out of Your Summer Cottage With These Tips

Nothing spoils a summer vacation in Toronto like finding out that you have a mouse infestation in your cottage. Nevertheless, cottages make attractive shelters for mice because humans typically only occupy them for a few months out of the year. The rest of the time, the mice have the cottage all to themselves. If you have an infestation, professional mice removal in Toronto is the best option. However, it is preferable to avoid an infestation if possible, and here are some tips to help you deter the mice.

4 Tips To Deter Rodents and Avoid the Need for Mice Removal in Toronto

The best mice pest control is often vigilance in watching for signs of mice and taking proactive steps to keep them out before they have a chance to get in and start an infestation.

1. Check for Signs of Mouse Activity Regularly

While you probably only use your cabin for a few weeks or months out of the year, you should check for mouse activity at regular intervals. Make a trip out to the cottage at least once a month and look for signs of mouse activity. Specifically, you should check for chew marks on hard surfaces or droppings, especially in food storage areas.

Mice are rodents, and rodents’ distinguishing characteristic is front teeth that never stop growing. To keep their teeth filed down to a manageable length, mice have to keep gnawing on things. Mice that have been gnawing typically leave teeth marks behind, and you may see these on furniture or baseboards.

Mouse droppings can carry dangerous pathogens, and the act of cleaning can aerosolize them and make them easier to breathe in. When cleaning up the droppings, make sure to disinfect thoroughly and wear a respirator or an N95 mask.

2. Identify and Seal Any Exterior Cracks

It is good to know how to get rid of mice, but it is better to know how to stop them from getting inside in the first place. Looking for cracks, gaps, holes, or openings in your cottage’s exterior and then sealing them off makes it more difficult for mice to get in. However, mice can squeeze their bodies through very small openings, so for this to be an effective deterrent, you can’t overlook any openings because they seem too small.

3. Seal Food in Airtight Containers

Once you arrive at the cottage for your vacation, make sure to seal your food inside sturdy, airtight containers. Mice have a keen sense of smell that they use to find food. They can detect the merest whiff of food from outside and follow it inside if you have not succeeded in sealing off any potential entries. Make sure that food storage containers are strong enough to stand up to rodents’ gnawing.

4. Keep the Cabin Clean

In the interest of mouse deterrence, it is important to keep the cabin clean not only while you are occupying it but when you leave as well. If you don’t take out the garbage, or if you leave dirty dishes in the sink or fail to sweep up all your crumbs, it could be enough to attract mice.

Call Truly Nolen for Mice Removal in Toronto

Mice reproduce quickly, so if an infestation starts soon after you leave your cabin, it could have plenty of time to grow by the time you get back. An infestation that is even a few months old is likely beyond your capability to handle, so contact Truly Nolen for mice removal. Not only can we resolve a current infestation, but we can also perform year-round pest control to prevent the mice from coming back in the future.