Toronto Pest Control: Protect Yourself From Ticks While Hiking

Toronto Pest Control: Protect Yourself From Ticks While Hiking

If you spend any time outdoors during summer and fall ticks can be a risk, especially if you’re an avid hiker. The good news is you can still enjoy hiking, even at the height of the tick season. Truly Nolen Canada offers services for tick removal in Toronto in your backyard so you don’t have to worry about these problematic pests every time you go outside.

Tick problems require a multi-faceted approach to solve. Hikers can practice avoidance to protect themselves. You also need to look closer at your own property to make sure you’re not attracting more ticks. Ticks are commonly seen throughout Canada, so it’s essential to know how to avoid them.

All About Tick Removal in Toronto

Having a tick attached to you isn’t just something that’s unsettling, it also puts you at risk of developing a tick-borne disease. Ticks are carriers of many infections that could impact humans and pets. Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Pacific Coast tick fever and other infections may be transmitted through tick bites. Tick populations continue to increase in Canada, so it’s important to know what to do to keep them away.

How To Get Rid of Ticks

Ticks may be present almost anywhere outdoors, but they are especially common in tall grasses and heavy foliage. In your yard, you are more likely to have ticks if you don’t perform routine lawn maintenance. If you ask how to get rid of ticks, experts will say you need to remove wood piles, debris and clutter from your yard. Leaf piles and bird feeders may also be prime spots for tick breeding and activity.

Prevention Is Key

When you want to venture out beyond your own property, you have to work a little harder for tick control besides just searching for tick removal near me. Prevention is the key to avoiding a tick issue when you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Wear Light-Coloured Clothing

First, take extra steps and care when dressing and gearing up for a hike during the tick season. Wear clothes that are lighter coloured so you can spot any ticks that crawl on you during your adventure. Choose long pants and long sleeves to keep your skin protected from potential tick infestations. Be sure to tuck your shirt in and wear long socks that tuck into your pants to prevent ticks from attaching from the grass.

Avoid Areas With Tick Activity

The next way you can avoid tick issues is to pick hiking spots that aren’t overrun with ticks. Choose trails that have well-defined paths and aren’t overgrown too much to keep tick problems to a minimum. Damp and shadier areas with a lot of trees may have more ticks. To combat this, go for hikes in sunnier places with fewer shady spots. Heavily wooded trails may be ideal spots for tick activity, so plan for a hike in open spots that aren’t in the woods.

Wear Insect Repellent

One of the best ways you can prevent tick bites and getting infected with a tick-borne illness is to wear adequate insect repellent. Pick insect repellent that has DEET for best results. You can also try insect repellents with Picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or PMD. You can also spray your gear and clothing with another repellent called permethrin. Some clothes can be purchased with permethrin already applied. Additionally, pets should be on regular flea and tick medication treatment before being taken outdoors.

Schedule Tick Removal in Toronto

If you need tick removal in Toronto, you want to trust a skilled group of technicians who understand what to do. The team at Truly Nolen Canada has knowledge and experience with the tick population in Toronto and can effectively reduce tick activity on your property. Contact our crew today for service. Make sure you also understand the risks of tick bites when hiking and take the proper precautions when you go outdoors.