Toronto Pest Control: Where Do House Spiders Live?

Where Do House Spiders Live

Although few spiders pose a threat to humans, many people are scared to come in contact with arachnids. Spiders can be useful for eating smaller pests and keeping them out of your home, but few people are willing to have an arachnid as a roommate. Knowing common places house spiders live can help you find them quickly when they do take up residence so that you can take quick action to get rid of them. Here’s what you need to know about where spiders live and what you can do to prevent an infestation.

1. Inside Your House

Most of the spiders you see in your house live their entire lives indoors. They prefer to avoid humans, so you may find them in the spaces of your home that are frequently unused, such as basements and attics. If arachnids live in common areas of your home, they often stay near your ceiling or behind furniture to avoid interactions with people. When left alone, a house spider can live for up to two years and provide you with free pest control for other insects.

Remember that spiders only need two elements to survive: food and moisture. They do not need a steady source of water to survive, but moisture often attracts other types of insects, so an arachnid who spins a web in a moist environment has easy access to food. You are less likely to find spiders in dry, busy places in your home.

2. Outside Your Home

Many species of spider prefer to live outside of your home. If you find them inside, they usually got there by accident. You probably see spider webs on light fixtures outside of your home or on the furniture you use on the back porch. Arachnids also live in barns and are known to spin webs on toys that are left outside. Anywhere that offers spiders easy access to food is a good place for an arachnid to take up residence.

How To Prevent a Spider Infestation

Because spiders are often tiny and unobtrusive, you may not know that you have an arachnid in your house until you start seeing cobwebs. A single female can lay hundreds of eggs in a single sack, so you could end up with a full-blown spider infestation in a matter of days. It’s best to get rid of spiders as soon as you find them. However, prevention is the best way to avoid an infestation.

There’s no foolproof way to deter spiders from your home. However, there are a few measures you can take to make your house a less appealing environment for arachnids. Declutter your home so that spiders have fewer places to spin webs. You should also try to keep your house clean and tidy to avoid attracting smaller insects that serve as spider food. If arachnids do not have an easy source of food, they are much less likely to move into your home.

If you do have spiders in your house despite your best efforts to prevent them, contact a pest control company immediately. Truly Nolen, for example, has a team of experts who can provide treatments around your home that deter arachnids. We can also provide you with spider removal to get rid of infestations. Before we leave, we’ll even give you ideas on how to prevent the issue from recurring in the future.

Call Truly Nolen for Spider Removal

If you find spiders in your home, you must contact pest control in Toronto to get rid of them. Truly Nolen has a team of professional technicians who are ready to help with quick, efficient spider removal, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.