Toronto Pest Control: Why are Bees and Wasps Worse in Fall?

Toronto Pest Control: Why are Bees and Wasps Worse in Fall?

Most people associate spring and summer with insects, such as bees and wasps. Blooming flowers and green growth throughout the warm seasons means bees and wasps may be more active. As summer ends, though, there seems to be a weird phenomenon of more aggressive bees and wasps. Truly Nolen Canada explains what happens in the fall that makes wasp pest control in Toronto more necessary.

Bees and wasps are responsible for helping pollinate many of the area’s flowers, but some people see them as a pest. In the fall when plants and flowers begin to wilt, they may become more problematic as they search for food sources.

Fall and Higher Insect Activity

In the fall, there are a few factors that make bee and wasp activity worse than in the spring or summer. One thing to understand about the seasonal activity of stinging insects is the fall may be the time of year when their numbers reach their peak. During the spring and summer, hives and nests are still being built. By fall, these nests may be full of individual bees and wasps.

Preparing for Winter

Late summer and fall are also when bees and wasps start preparing for winter. Food is harder to find in the colder months, so some of their activity may be more frenzied and aggressive. Flowers may not be as numerous, so you may see bees and wasps looking for nutrition from trash cans, compost bins and human food, like your soda can.

Preventing Bee and Wasp Problems on Your Property

It’s important for homeowners to take actions that prevent bees and wasps from making themselves at home in human spaces. If you think you have a bee or wasp infestation, you need a pro to determine which type of stinging insect it is and what action to take. You and your family may have to address a few things about your property to keep bees and wasps from becoming a big problem.

Making Your Home Less Inviting for Stinging Insects

Residential pest control companies like Truly Nolen can schedule an inspection of your home and make sure you aren’t doing things to make your space attractive to insects. Additionally, you can take steps to make your home less inviting to them. First, keep trash stored in covered containers that have secure lids to avoid critters from smelling the food inside. Make sure sodas and other sweets aren’t left outside or uncovered inside your home. Put away other perfumed items, such as potpourri or decorative soaps.

Why You Need Professional Residential Pest Control

Spotting a bee hive or a wasp’s nest could signal an active infestation. Avoid searching online tips for how to get rid of bees and let the pros handle this problem instead. Removing a hive or wasp’s nest can be extremely dangerous, especially if you aren’t a professional. Our pros gear up in protective gear and take steps to keep you and your family safe during this type of service. Pros can also determine the entry point or source of the infestation and prevent it from happening again.

Get Wasp Pest Control in Toronto

Bee and wasp issues are common in the fall because of the seasonal lifecycle of these two species. Reach out to Truly Nolen Canada to get preventative wasp pest control in Toronto and keep the infestation from getting out of control. Fall should be a time of year when you and your family can enjoy the outdoor spaces of your property, not dodging aggressive bees or wasps or avoiding meals outside.