Toronto Pest Control: Why Spiders in the Home are a Problem

Toronto Pest Control Why Spiders in the Home are a Problem

Spiders are one of several species that pest control in Toronto can deal with. However, if there are spiders in the home, they aren’t necessarily your biggest problem. Spiders are carnivorous and feed on insect pests and smaller arachnids, which can be much more detrimental. Fortunately, Truly Nolen can handle the spider removal as well as the insect pests that drew them there, as necessary. 

How Do Spiders Get Inside Houses?

Some spiders hitch a ride inside the house on firewood or plants. Others come in by their own volition through cracks around windows and doors. Regardless of how they get in, they are eager to stay if they can find warm, moist hiding places and plenty of pests on which to feed. 

Most species of spiders breed in the spring and summer. They lay thousands of eggs in a sac. Some of the hatchlings will leave to make homes elsewhere, while others will stay inside your home. 

Are Spiders Dangerous?

Most species of spiders are not harmful to humans. They do not want to bite humans and only do so in self-defence. Even then, in most cases, their venom is not strong enough to do any major damage. 

In Canada, the one exception to this rule is the black widow spider. The venom of the female black widow (males are not venomous) contains neurotoxins that cause headaches, sweating, and muscle cramps and can also cause seizures. It is rare that a black widow bite kills a human, but not unheard of. 

Fortunately, though black widows are more common in the United States, they are relatively rare in Canada. They are easily recognizable by their shiny, round, black bodies and the distinctive red hourglass marking on their undersides. Furthermore, even black widows don’t really want to bite you, preferring to avoid human contact if possible. 

Why Are Spiders in the Home a Problem?

In most cases, the spiders themselves are not really the problem, since most species are not harmful to humans. One or two spiders here and there are not really a big problem either. However, numerous spiders in a home do indicate a problem. It shows that the spiders are finding adequate food in your home to make it worth their while to stay. Some of the pests on which the spiders are feeding are harmful to you and your family—more so than the spiders—including cockroaches, fleas, and ticks. Incidentally, ticks are not insects but arachnids like spiders, but unlike spiders, they are harmful to humans by feeding on blood and spreading diseases. 

How Do You Get Rid of Spiders?

Spiders like to hide in dark, cluttered spaces, so if you clear out cluttered pantries, closets, and crawlspaces, you deprive them of places to make their homes. You can stop them from getting in by sealing up gaps and cracks around doors and windows. You can get rid of cobwebs, as well as the spiders themselves, by vacuuming regularly. 

Spiders like moisture, so you should check your plumbing for leaks and repair them as needed. You should also keep your kitchen clean of crumbs and food particles because, though spiders do not feed on these things, the pests on which they rely for food do. 

These measures may be effective against a small number of spiders in your home. However, if they are present in larger numbers, you may need professional spider removal to resolve the problem. 

What Is Involved in Pest Control in Toronto From Truly Nolen?

Spider removal is a two-fold process that can’t really be fully successful until the underlying insect infestation is resolved. Truly Nolen can effectively address all types of pests, including insects and spiders, with our year-round services in Toronto.