Toronto Pest Removal: Are Pest Control Treatments Safe for Pets and Children?

Are Pest Control Treatments Safe for Pets and Children

Professional and reputable pest control in Toronto will only use products approved by Health Canada, meaning treatment options are safe. If there are any issues, your pest control specialist should warn and inform you of any risks.

Parents are genuinely concerned about using pest treatments around their children and pets. Both small kids and curious pets are known to put almost anything in their mouths. Pesticides or insecticides are essentially poisons, so ingestion is never good. That is why you hire reputable companies and listen to professionals.

Keeping Your Children and Pets Safe During Pest Treatments

The best way to protect your children and pets from pest control methods is to remove them from the property while treatments are applied. If you cannot leave the property with your kids and pets, consider securing pets in a safe place and keeping your children by your side during treatment. Also, professional services, such as Truly Nolen, recommend a few other tips for safety.

1. Find a Reputable Pest Control Company

Never hire any pest control company without first doing your research. A reputable company will have appropriate licenses and insurance. Also, it will have a favourable reputation.

Take the time to read online reviews about various pest control services in the area. Review good and bad reviews. Some may even argue that reading over negative reviews is more important; however, reading positive and negative reviews is best to get a better overview of the company.

It’s also beneficial to ask friends and family for recommendations. You can also ask neighbours and colleagues if you feel comfortable.

Finally, when you narrow down your selection, ask each service for referrals. Every reputable business will have past clients willing to talk about their experience.

2. Ensure Products Used Are Approved by Health Canada

When working with a pest control company, ensure Health Canada approves all products used. The governmental agency is responsible for Canada’s health policy and numerous health-related agencies, such as the public health agency.

Products approved by the governmental body are deemed safe for consumer or commercial use. Still, pest control treatments may have special safety requirements. For example, many products must fully dry before pets and children enter the treated area. You’ll want to work with a knowledgeable professional to ensure all safety precautions are obeyed.

3. Pay Attention To Safety Timeframes

A bonafide and licensed residential pest control service will understand its treatment options. It will also ensure all its technicians understand proper application protocols. When the techs arrive at your home, they should explain their treatments and how they will apply them. They will also explain any safety procedures they need you to follow. For example, they may ask you to leave the property during the application process and give you a safe time to return.

You want to listen to their instructions carefully and ask any questions you may have. Then, obey every rule they give you. The timeframes will typically include application and drying times for the treatments.

4. Ensure All Treatments Are Necessary and Handled Correctly

A reputable pest control service will not recommend any unnecessary treatments. Also, they will ensure that everything is applied and handled correctly to ensure your and your family’s safety, including your pets

Contact Truly Nolen Canada for More Information

Pests cause problems for your children and pets. Fleas, bed bugs, ticks, mites, etc., can all cause infections or illnesses if not controlled and eliminated.

While it is normal for a parent to worry about the safety of their family around pest control treatments, when applied by professionals, they are safe. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to learn more about the services provided in Toronto and schedule a property inspection.