Toronto Pest Removal: Essential Tips to Keep Rats Out of Your Pool This Summer

Essential Tips to Keep Rats Out of Your Pool This Summer

While lounging next to your own pool on a warm summer day, rat control in Toronto may be the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, you are not the only one who likes to hang out by the water, and your pool could actually attract unwanted visitors such as rats. Here is some information about why rats might be attracted to your pool and how to keep them away.

Why Might Rats Be Attracted to Swimming Pools?

For every 100 grams of body weight, they possess, rats have to consume up to 12 millilitres of water every day to stay hydrated. They may get some of this from the food they eat, but they also have to drink a lot of water, especially when food is scarce. They are most attracted to standing water, including swimming pools.

Rats are very good swimmers and can tread water for up to three days if they have to. However, they don’t swim for pleasure. When a rat goes swimming, it is usually because it needs to cross a body of water to find food or because it is trying to evade a predator.

If you like to swim in the winter, when the weather in Toronto is typically cold, you probably have a heated pool. This can attract rats, especially in cold weather. Rats are just as susceptible to cold as humans, and because they don’t hibernate, they need a warm place to spend the winter. It is unlikely that a rat will purposely jump into the water of your heated pool, but it may make a nest next to the heater or inside the pool cover.

When rats end up in your pool, it isn’t always on purpose. Sometimes they fall in while trying to get a drink or running around looking for food. Rats are good climbers and may fall into your pool from a tree or roof. However they get into the pool, rats often have a hard time getting back out, though treading water can prevent them from drowning for some time.

What Can You Do To Keep Rats Out of Your Pool?

While a swimming pool can be a pretty significant attractant on its own, there are things you can do to discourage rats from hanging around. A rat’s primary motivation is finding food, and they eat just about anything. Therefore, you should make it a rule that no one is allowed to eat anything in or near the pool, as rats are attracted to the crumbs. If you have an outdoor eating area near your pool, be sure to clean it thoroughly after every meal. This includes scrubbing the grill clean.

It is not only scraps of human food that may attract rats. If you need to store food for dogs or cats, make sure it is far away from the pool. Don’t feed dogs or cats outside, and place any birdfeeders far away from the pool. You may also want to consider rodent-proof birdfeeders.

After food, the main thing rats look for is shelter. Lush, overgrown vegetation provides places to hide, so maintain your lawn and keep your landscaping minimal. Store firewood off the ground and use wire mesh to seal off any openings in your pool heater. Consider wooden patio furniture instead of cushioned furniture because rats may chew holes in upholstery to make nests inside the cushions.

What Is the Best Way To Control Rats?

Rat prevention is not always effective, and you may already have an infestation, in which case you are probably wondering, “Where can I find effective rat control near me?” Truly Nolen considers seasonal variations in pests’ behaviour through our Four Seasons approach to pest control. Contact us for an assessment of your property and a thorough plan of action with our rat control services in Toronto.