Toronto Pest Removal: How to Prevent Ants From Invading Your Basement

How to Prevent Ants From Invading Your Basement

An ant problem can be a common nuisance that homeowners have to deal with in Toronto. Ants are particularly drawn to basements due to the damp conditions and the proximity to the ground. If you want to get expert carpenter ant pest control in Toronto, you need to partner with Truly Nolen Canada. We have a team of professionals who can assess your ant issues in the basement and come up with a solution.

Top Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Toronto

Knowing how to get rid of carpenter ants or common household ants is something that isn’t intuitive. Once ants get inside your home, it can be challenging to truly get rid of them. Some homeowners turn to DIY ant spray, but either don’t see results or unknowingly expose their household to harmful pesticides. Truly Nolen Canada uses safe removal techniques to evict ants from your basement. Here are some strategies we use to keep ants from invading your basement.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

Effective carpenter ant pest control in Toronto starts with the exterior of your home. Our team recommends that you have a pro come out and seal any exterior cracks and gaps around the perimeter of your home’s structure. We can use caulk and other materials to prevent ants from being able to enter your home. Ants can get inside through the tiniest gaps so putting a barrier up wherever the outside is exposed can help keep them away.

Keep Food Secure

Next, you and your family members need to start changing your habits in your home. Ants are attracted to the smell of food, so any food that you have in your kitchen or basement needs to be secured. Avoid keeping open containers of food out anywhere in the home. Buy plastic storage bins for dry goods to keep them safe from bugs. If you keep an extra refrigerator or freezer in your basement, make sure the food stored inside is kept in containers with lids.

Clean Any Spills or Debris

Another thing that attracts ants in your basement is any type of food spill or residue. If you eat in the basement or have food stored in there, make sure everyone cleans up after themselves. All crumbs, drops and spills need to be completely cleaned off any surface. Ants can get the smallest crumbs and use them to sustain their colony, so keeping the area spotless helps prevent them from moving in.

Vacuum Regularly

It’s also important to regularly vacuum your home. Run the vacuum cleaner every few days over all of the rugs, carpets, area rugs and other spots where crumbs or debris may be hiding. You can also use your vacuum cleaner’s thin hose attachment to vacuum up any crumbs from furniture. Keeping up with your vacuum schedule can help you avoid a new ant infestation.

Don’t Leave Pet Food Out

If you have pets, you also want to make sure their food isn’t attracting ants. Pet food bowls should be kept clean when they aren’t in use. If you feed your pet in the basement, you may want to relocate the bowls to avoid an ant problem. Make sure all bags of pet food are kept secure and there isn’t a way for bugs to get inside.

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