Toronto Pest Removal: How to Prevent Spiders on Your Balcony

How to Prevent Spiders on Your Balcony

Most spiders pose no threat to humans, but you still don’t want to share your living spaces with arachnids. Unfortunately, spiders often take up residence in outside living spaces such as balconies. Making your balcony an unappealing environment for arachnids is a great way to deter them from your balcony. Here are four habits that may help prevent spiders in your outdoor living spaces and when you should contact spider control services in Toronto.

Get Rid of Webs

There are two types of spiders. Wandering spiders do not spin webs and instead make burrows in the ground or find shelter in small cracks inside your home. Web-spinning spiders are the most common, and you probably associate them with the cobwebs you occasionally see around your home. These spiders spin elaborate webs that entrap flying insects they later feast on.

If you have spiders living on your balcony, there’s a good chance you see a lot of cobwebs in the space. Cobwebs are most often noticed after an arachnid has vacated the silky structure, but removing them prevents spiders from returning. It isn’t enough to knock down the webs. You must use a broom or a vacuum attachment to thoroughly remove all of the webs.

Remember that spider silk is thin, so you usually have a hard time seeing spider webs when they are active. Cobwebs are vacated webs that have started to collect dust, which makes them much more noticeable. Even though these webs are no longer actively housing a spider, removing them shows arachnids that your home is not a safe or appealing environment. They are less likely to return if webs are frequently removed.

Seal Crevices in Walls

While having spiders on your balcony isn’t ideal, you definitely don’t want the arachnids to enter your home. Spiders most often enter houses through cracks and crevices in the exterior walls. You can keep spiders out by thoroughly inspecting the exterior of your home on a regular basis and sealing any holes you find. Use a high-quality caulk to patch any crevices that may grant arachnids access to your home. Pay special attention to small gaps around wires. Spiders vary widely in terms of size, but they can fit through minuscule holes, so you should take care to patch any crevice you see with your naked eye.

Clear Away Debris

During chilly weather, you probably don’t spend a lot of time on your balcony. It’s easy to let fallen leaves and grass clippings build up on your balcony, but this practice gives spiders plenty of places to hide in your outdoor living spaces. Make sure you keep your balcony clean throughout the year. Sweep away grass clippings every time you cut the lawn, and remove dead leaves as they fall. This habit reduces the number of spiders that call your balcony home and makes the space look more presentable.

Trim Shrubbery

Arachnids often live in trees and bushes. They use shrubbery next to balconies as hiding places, so removing places for them to spin webs is often an effective method for deterring spiders. Make trimming your shrubbery part of your routine lawn maintenance schedule. Not only does this habit improve your curb appeal, but it also reduces the risk of spiders gaining access to your balcony.

Call a Professional for Help With Spider Control in Toronto

If you plan on spending a lot of time on your balcony, you need to know how to control spiders. Truly Nolen Canada has a team of experienced technicians who are ready to spray state-of-the-art chemicals around your house to deter arachnids. We have the extensive experience required to help when you need spider removal near me, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.