Toronto Pest Removal: How to Keep Mice Out of Your Weep Holes

Toronto Pest Removal: How to Keep Mice Out of Your Weep Holes

Your Toronto brick home is likely your pride and joy, and you do all you can to keep pests away. However, some invasive species, like mice, are highly adaptable and can enter a hole or gap the size of a quarter in search of food. The weep holes in your brick home provide a simple entrance for mice, and here at Truly Nolen Canada, we can provide you with mice pest control in Toronto and some helpful tips about how to protect your home’s weep holes.

What Are Weep Holes?

These uniform holes along the bottom of your brick home’s foundation have one purpose, and that is to allow water to exit your home. Excess water may enter the porous brick from a variety of sources, including:

  • Spring melt
  • Prolonged periods of rain
  • Basement flooding

While weep holes do not provide a direct entrance to your home’s interior, once mice discover the hole, they may work their way in to gnaw open a hole in your home’s panels, under the siding, and invite themselves in.

What Attracts Mice To Weep Holes?

Mice have many predators and must seek out food, water and a place to breed in relative safety. They may approach your property and home and follow food smells, then discover your home’s weep holes. Their size makes them ideal nesting and food storage spaces, and mice can use them to hide away from predators as well.

If you discover mice stuffing nesting material and seeds in your home’s weep holes, you may worry that any moisture collected by the porous bricks has no room to drain out and cause water damage to your home. You may also wonder what is the best pest control to get rid of mice and whether you can handle the job on your own.

The Dangers of Evicting Mice From Weep Holes

Handling wild mice can cause a variety of dangers for you when you attempt to flush them from your home’s weep holes. These rodents can deliver a painful bite or scratch when cornered or in defence of their nests. Their bite can transmit a variety of diseases, as can their feces and saliva. Hantavirus is a particularly common disease mice carry and can pass it on to humans, causing respiratory problems and flu-like symptoms.

Handling rodent bedding and food caches covered in mice saliva can also put you at serious risk of catching communicable diseases that these rodents carry. When you contact Truly Nolen after searching “pest control near me for mice” online, we can guide you through our treatment services and assist you with ridding your house of mice.

How We Help With Mice Pest Control In Toronto

When our Truly Nolen pest control technicians arrive at your home, they first perform an inspection and observe whether the weep holes show signs of mice activity. After they put a treatment plan in place, our technicians can advise you about sanitary methods of cleaning up mouse nests, such as wearing the proper safety equipment.

Truly Nolen also provides you with services that span all four seasons to protect your home from rodents. From creating barriers to providing you with tips about protecting vulnerable areas like weep holes, such as using rodent-proof caps and screens, we keep your home rodent-free at any time of year.

We Offer Mice Pest Control In Toronto

Your Toronto brick home’s weep holes make excellent storage and nesting places for the area’s mice population. They breed quickly and in great numbers, which could put your home at risk for chewing damage and an increased chance of the spread of disease. Schedule an inspection with Truly Nolen Canada today and let us help you defend your home from invasive mice.