Toronto Pest Removal: Why Are There Ants in Your Bedroom?

Toronto Pest Removal: Why Are There Ants in Your Bedroom?

As a homeowner, you probably do all you can to protect your property from insect pests. However, few species are as relentless and large in number as carpenter ants. These creatures can invade in their thousands, seeking out food, water and shelter from bad weather. While carpenter ants may appear in any room of your home, the bedroom is an unlikely yet common locale for them to seek out what they require. At Truly Nolen, we can provide you with carpenter ant treatment in Toronto and a few tips about why you might find these insects in your bedroom. 

1. They Found a Nearby Water Source 

Like most insects, ants need a reliable water source nearby when they scout for a new nesting site, and moisture in your master bathroom might draw them into your bedroom to make trails under your sink cabinets or a leaky shower. Hidden leaks may also provide a water source for carpenter ants, and since they prefer moist spaces, they could decide to establish their colony nearby.

If you are not sure how to get rid of carpenter ants in your bedroom, inspect the master bathroom first to ensure you are not providing these insects with a consistent water source. 

2. They Found a Food Source 

Ants only require a few crumbs of morsels of their favourite foods to find the source, and once they discover it, they will send out signals to others in the colony to come to gather it and seek out more. Your midnight snack plate on the nightstand, some cookie crumbs in the bed or some grease stains on a discarded shirt can all attract ants. 

While our pest control technicians can provide you with carpenter ant treatment, you can safeguard your bedroom by keeping food in the kitchen and dining room, sweeping or vacuuming often and changing sheets at least once a week. 

3. A Colony Already Nests Nearby 

While scouting ants will travel some distance to find food for the colony, the ones you find in your bedroom may belong to an established community already living in your home. Carpenter ants build tunnels, boring through the wood inside your home to make trails and paths from a food and water source back to the colony. 

Tracking ants back to their original nesting place is no easy feat, and since carpenter ants have powerful mandibles and the ability to spray a pain-causing acid, it is not a job for you or your family. Instead, find Truly Nolen when searching for carpenter ant control near me, and let our pest removal technicians target and eliminate these ants. 

4. Ants Hide From Bad Weather 

Torrential downpours, strong winds and cold snaps can cause ants to seek immediate shelter, and the small cracks and gaps around your home can allow them a permanent shelter, especially once they find what they need in or near your bedroom. It does not take them long to set up a colony and for scouts to set out in search of food and water. Sheltered from inclement weather, your new guests are sure to make themselves comfortable. 

We Offer Carpenter Ant Treatment 

When you find carpenter ants in your bedroom, calling in our pest control technicians helps you gain a foothold on the issue that you might not have otherwise. Store-bought sprays only kill the specimens you can see, but the service options we offer treat your entire home and its perimeter, which eliminates the entire colony. After treatment, we can seal gaps and cracks where ants enter and exit, as well as eliminate water sources, such as small bathroom leaks. 

Reach Out for Help Today 

Discovering ants in your bedroom, especially larger, aggressive carpenter ants, is not a pleasant experience, but our team can help. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and let Truly Nolen assist you with keeping your Toronto property ant-free.