Toronto Rodent Control: Unpacking the Threat of Rodents in the Spring Season

Toronto Rodent Control

As the winter thaws and spring comes into full bloom, Torontonians may find themselves battling a new problem- rodents. Mice, rats, and other furry pests have a habit of making unwelcome appearances during this season, much to the chagrin of homeowners and renters alike. While some may attempt DIY methods to rid their properties of these troublemakers, oftentimes professional intervention from a rodent exterminator in Toronto like Truly Nolen is necessary to fully eliminate the problem.

In this article, we’ll be unpacking the various signs of mice and other rodents in the home, as well as offering tips on rodent control to keep your properties both safe and rodent-free during the spring season. Whether you’re familiar with rodent remediation or a complete newcomer to the topic, we’ll provide informative insights into how to keep pests out.

Identifying Common Types of Rodents in Your Home

It’s essential to have a firm understanding of the types of pests that may infiltrate your home. This knowledge will help you recognize signs of an invasion and devise the most effective countermeasures.


Belonging to the Rattus genus, rats are larger rodents known for their long, scaly tails and protruding ears. Two common species, the Norway rat and Roof rat, can potentially infest your home. Norway rats tend to nest in burrows underground, while Roof rats prefer elevated areas such as attics or ceilings. In Toronto, and throughout most of Southern Ontario, the Norway rat is the more common species.


Generally smaller and more slender than rats, mice belong to the genus Mus. The House mouse is the species most commonly found in homes. They’re known for their small, pointed snout and large, flopped ears. Mice can often be found nesting in tucked-away areas like closets or storage boxes. In semi-outdoor spaces such as detached garages or sheds, the Field mouse and Deer mouse are also very common.

Sign of a Rodent Infestation

Decrypting signs of a rodent infestation quickly and effectively is critical. The quicker you can identify a problem, the more expedited your reaction can be, minimizing potential damage to your home, and risking your peace of mind. Let’s explore some typical red flags that warrant immediate attention.


One of the most conspicuous signs of rodents, particularly mice and rats, is the presence of droppings. These tiny, dark pellets are often found near food sources, under sinks, inside cupboards, along baseboards, and in other secluded areas. Rat droppings are similar in size and shape to a raisin, while mouse droppings look more like poppy seeds.


Rodents are known for their sharp incisors that continuously grow throughout their life, causing them to gnaw incessantly. More often than not, you may notice gnaw marks on food packaging, wiring, and furniture pieces. Varying gnaw mark sizes may also point to different kinds of pests in your home.


If there’s a rodent in your home, they’re likely leaving tracks behind. These come in the form of footprints or tail marks in dusty locations. Rodents typically run along walls when moving from one spot to another, so check these areas closely.

Your pets know best

Before the time of professional companies like Truly Nolen, cats and dogs were the premier pest control providers. These animals will instinctually hunt rodent prey if they detect any in the home. Pay attention to unusual behavior, such as your dog barking repeatedly at a specific location on a wall, or your cat crying and swatting under a piece of furniture. If there is a rodent inside your home, your pets will often know before you do.


Rodents build nests using shredded paper, fabric or plant matter. Discovering a nest is a surefire sign of a rodent problem, usually indicating the presence of a family. Nests are typically located in sheltered, out-of-sight places like attics, lofts, under eaves, or inside wall cavities.

Often, these signs will be a call to arms – necessitating immediate action for rodent control. Any delay can lead to an escalation of the problem, with potential repercussions such as structural damage and health concerns like Hantavirus and Salmonella. If left unchecked, these small invaders can multiply quickly, making the infestation more difficult to clear.
The good news is that professional rodent extermination services, such as Truly Nolen Canada, are well-equipped to deal with all stages and sizes of rodent intrusions, thanks to our Four Season Approach to rodent control.

Spring Awakening: Preparing for Early Pest Activity

As the cycle of nature continues, rodents stir from their winter hibernation, eager to explore new territories and settle into comfortable nesting grounds. Your beautiful home could potentially be their next site of exploration, putting you in direct conflict with these invasive species.

There are several precautionary measures you can take during this active pest period. These include employing environmental, biological, and mechanical strategies designed to deter and manage rodent populations within and around your premises.

Toronto Rodent Control

Environmental Control

Environmental control refers to changes in the surroundings that can reduce the attractiveness and accessibility of your home to rodents. This includes proper management of waste, as rodents are attracted to locations with ready food sources. Ensure all waste bins are securely covered and regularly emptied. Additionally, gaps and openings in the home should be sealed off to prevent entry.

Biological Control

The principle of biological control revolves around bolstering natural predators of rodents in your immediate environment. This can potentially provide a check on their growth and proliferation. However, this method should be employed carefully as it could introduce other prospective pests into the environment.

Mechanical Control

Mechanical control, which employs physical devices to trap, deter, and eliminate rodents, are also effective means when dealing with a rodent issue. However, it should be noted that misuse or inappropriate deployment of these devices can sometimes exacerbate the problem rather than diminish it.

Four Season Rodent Control with Truly Nolen

At Truly Nolen Canada, we boast a comprehensive approach to pest control that is active all year round. Our four-season rodent control model is designed to adapt and apply specific strategies depending upon the prevailing season. The four-season model includes:

  1. Spring: Detection and Prevention
  2. Summer: Identification and Analysis
  3. Fall: Implementation of Management Controls
  4. Winter: Monitoring and Follow-ups

Spring: Detection and Prevention

During the spring months, the predominant focus is on early detection of potential infestations and immediate control. Given this is a season where rodent activity sees an increase, your home will be thoroughly investigated for any signs of infestation. Strategic placements of bait stations are implemented to manage possible populations.

Summer: Identification and Analysis

In the summertime, there’s an added focus on the identification of infested sites and the analysis of infestation levels. With heightened rodent movements, the priority is to identify pests and assess the scale of infiltration. The teams then decipher the types of rodents present and their behavioural patterns to tailor an efficient treatment plan.

Fall: Implementation of Management Controls

With the onset of fall, the deployed pest control measures are reassessed and readjusted if need be, to fortify the protection of your homes from these pests. Any detected population hotspots are treated with test-proven rodenticides. This is also the time when additional preventative measures may be implemented. This includes sealing off any entry points and advising homeowners on reducing attractants.

Winter: Monitoring and Follow-ups

Winter is the time for monitoring and follow-ups. During this period, the team concentrates on maintaining the hard-won control measures put in place throughout preceding seasons. We utilize this quieter period in the rodent’s calendar to visit your property for monitoring, ensuring that the treatments remain effective, and adjustments are made if necessary. This well-rounded, adaptable approach affords homeowners peace of mind knowing that their homes are safeguarded against rodent invasions all year long. From detection to prevention, our professional team at Truly Nolen Canada is devoted to keeping your homes safe, sound and free from unwelcome guests.

Through years of experience, we have come to learn that to triumph against rodents effectively, an in-depth understanding of their behaviour, coupled with a year-round, strategic control plan, is key. Truly Nolen builds on this knowledge, providing unmatched service to help you maintain a rodent-free home, regardless of the season. Contact us today to see how our four-season rodent control approach can benefit you and your home.