How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Pets Food In Waterloo

How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Pet's Food In Waterloo

Some people keep pets partially as a pest control method, but this can be less effective than professional carpenter ant pest control in Waterloo. While some pests may be frightened off by the presence of large predators, others are completely unfazed by it. 

In fact, keeping pets may actually attract certain pests to the house. Ants, for example, are small, quick, and agile, and are therefore not deterred by the presence of cats or dogs. Furthermore, they may be attracted to your pet’s food, which contains ingredients that they like.

Eating food that is infested with insects is just as unsafe and unappealing for your pet as it is for you, but there are things you can do to keep ants out of your pet’s food. 

1. Don’t Leave Pet Food Outside

If your pet goes outside, it should always have access to fresh water. However, you should not feed your pet outside if you can avoid it. You may want to feed your pet outside if it makes a mess of its food dish, but pet food that is left outside may draw ants to your home, making it more likely that they will find their way inside. If you have to feed your pet outside, clean up afterward and bring the dish back inside when your dog or cat is finished eating. Leaving your pet’s dish with food in it outside all the time is like putting up a giant neon sign for ants and other pests. 

2. Keep the House Clean

Ants locate food by odour, then leave a scent trail so they can find the source of food again and lead other ants to it. One way that you can keep them out of your house, and therefore out of your pets’ food, is to keep the house clean. In particular, you can clean counters and other surfaces using a solution of diluted vinegar. Ants have a heightened sense of smell, and the scent of vinegar is unpleasant to them. Ants are particularly attracted to sweets, so if you spill something sugary on the counter or the floor, be sure to clean it up right away. 

3. Use an Ant-Proof Bowl

Ants cannot eat the food out of your pet’s bowl if they cannot get to it. You can find ant-proof bowls for sale from pet supplies stores, or you can ant-proof your pet’s bowl yourself.

Ants do not swim very well, and they have trouble walking over sticky surfaces. Therefore, you can set your pet’s food dish in a larger pan and pour water into the pan, leaving the pet food dry. This creates a sort of moat that is almost impossible for the ants to swim across. To add an extra level of protection, you can smear petroleum jelly along the sides of the pan. Bear in mind that the pet may splash the water when trying to eat, or the water may get dirty. Therefore, while effective, this kind of amateur ant-proofing may not be an ideal solution. 

4. Store Pet Food Where Ants Can’t Get It

It is not only the food in your pet’s bowl that you have to worry about but also the food in storage. If you store the food in the bag or box it came in, ants can get through the openings or make their own and have a feast. Nothing is less appetizing than food that comes out of the container covered with ants. Prevent this by storing your pet’s food in sealable, air-tight containers. 

Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Waterloo Is Just the Beginning

While carpenter ants can be a major nuisance, one good thing about them is that they are unlikely to eat your pets’ food. However, you don’t want any ants in the house, and pet food may attract other species, such as house ants and pavement ants. Identification is part of the Truly Nolen process. Find out more about how we protect your home