Waterloo Pest Control: 4 Ways to Prevent an Ant Invasion This Fall

Waterloo Pest Control: 4 Ways to Prevent an Ant Invasion This Fall

Ants usually appear in great numbers outside, although humans don’t often notice their numbers because much activity is underground or away from colonies. People notice when ants start coming into their homes and carpenter ant extermination in Waterloo becomes necessary.

The fall season almost always leads to an uptick in pest control calls about ant infestations. Like other insects and pests, ants seek shelter for the winter. While it is challenging to prevent all ants from entering your home, it is not impossible to prevent an infestation, especially with a bit of knowledge and routine home maintenance.

4 Tips for Carpenter Ant Prevention

The fall is a time for most living things to prepare for the winter, ants included. The environment is readying itself for a long sleep, and food and shelter may become scarce.

Your home represents warmth, safety, and food. The structure offers protection against the elements and predators. In honesty, ants and animals love your house for the same primitive reasons you love it: It’s safe.

While one can appreciate what ants and other species see in your home, you do not want to put out a welcome mat. You want to protect your property as a wolf protects its kill – with commitment.

Carpenter ants are not your average pests; they cause damage within the house’s wooden structure. You want to watch for signs of carpenter ants in house structures, such as small piles of sawdust near burrow holes. Any signs should signal you to call a pest control service.

Prevention is crucial if you do not yet have an infestation or problem. Discover four tips for maintaining an ant-free home.

1. Vacuum and Sweep Regularly

Ants are attracted to food sources. The insects do not need a lot of food to survive; tiny scraps are enough. Every time you have a meal, you likely leave behind small food scraps on tables, counters, and floors, enough for a feast for ants.

To limit the risk of attracting ants, vacuum and sweep daily. If you have the time, you can sweep after every meal and wipe down counters to ensure the surfaces are clean and clear of food waste.

2. Store Food Properly

People often discover ant problems in their pantries and bread drawers, anywhere food is stored. You can reduce the risk of ants in these areas by using airtight food containers and storing food correctly.

Do not leave food out, and do not leave opened boxes and bags unattended. You can use tools like a FoodSaver to seal open chip bags and cookie pouches, making things impossible for ants and insects to access.

3. Remove Trash Daily

Many people remove their kitchen trash from their houses only when the can is full. A better idea to reduce ant infestation risks is to remove trash daily. Leaving food waste in a can overnight will draw ants and other critters to your property. If the scent is strong enough, the pests will try to find a way in.

4. Seal Entries

Ants, spiders, and other pests find their way into your home through some opening or vulnerability. While some come through the front door on your person or belongings, most come through poorly sealed windows, doors, or other openings. Seal all entries to protect the interior of your home.

If you wish to learn how to get rid of carpenter ants, know that sealing entries is not usually enough. You will need professional help.

Carpenter Ant Removal Services for Waterloo Homeowners

Carpenter ants are a significant issue, especially if they burrow into your home’s structure. You will need carpenter ant extermination in Waterloo to handle the elimination of colonies because normal treatment methods will not work. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule a property assessment and discuss treatment options. Ask about the service’s four-season treatment plan to avoid future issues.