Waterloo Pest Control: Everything You Need to Know About Poisonous Spiders

Waterloo Pest Control Everything You Need to Know About Poisonous Spiders

Most people are aware that spiders provide valuable services to the ecosystem. For example, many of them eat other insects and keep their populations in check. However, this does not deter some people from being afraid of these small, eight-legged creatures. Being cautious around spiders is a good idea, as while many are innocuous, others are poisonous and can cause harm when they bite a person. People should consult with a spider removal in Waterloo company if they are unsure of whether or not they are dealing with a spider that can be dangerous. Here are some things to know about poisonous spiders.

Which Spiders Are Poisonous or Not 

Being able to identify the many different types of spiders can be helpful for knowing how cautiously to tread around the critters. While all spiders are technically poisonous, meaning that their bites contain toxic substances, relatively few can actually harm people with their bites.

Black Widows

Black widows are some of the most notorious types of spiders that can cause harm. Humans can identify this type of spider by its black, glossy exterior which often has red spots on its belly. Only female black widows have red spots, however, it is only the female members of this species that are poisonous, so it is important to assess whether or not the spider has those spots. Black widows typically measure around 3.8 centimetres in length and can be found in various secluded hiding spots in and around a house. Geographically, black widows are most commonly found in parts of Canada that experience warmer weather, such as southern Ontario.

Brown Recluses

As their name suggests, brown recluses are brown in colour and are significantly smaller than their poisonous cousins, black widows. Like black widow spiders, the brown recluse hands around parts of the home that people tend not to frequent, such as attics, closets and guest bedrooms.

There are many other dangerous spiders that live around the world, but the black widow and brown recluse are the two that are most common in North America. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter and receive a bite from one of these two spiders or another type of harmful spider, remember that prompt medical treatment can go a long way toward ensuring a good outcome. It is because of advances in science and medicine that not many people die of spider bites today compared to past years.

What Their Bites Are Like

Black widow spider bites are particularly painful, and the pain can last for up to 48 hours. There will be noticeable marks where the spider bites, but the pain can radiate to other parts of the body. In addition to pain at the site of the puncture, the bite victim may experience chills, dizziness, shortness of breath and other disturbing symptoms. Because there are several other illnesses that have these symptoms, it is important to check for the bite mark and seek medical attention right away if you believe you have been bitten by a black widow.

Unlike black widow bites, brown recluse bites are generally accompanied by a burning feeling rather than intense pain. Eventually, something resembling a pimple will appear at the trauma site and the bite victim may begin to experience fever.

When To Seek Help

If you are afraid of spiders or are unsure of your ability to get rid of them, residential pest control is your best bet for getting to the bottom of a spider infestation in your home. People who are not trained in pest control can sometimes make a problem worse by tempting the pests to hide in places that are even more difficult to locate.

Call Truly Nolen Canada today if you see spiders in your home so we can help safely remove them.