Waterloo Pest Control: How Do Hotels Handle Bed Bugs?

How Do Hotels Handle Bed Bugs

Whether you are a hotel owner or an occasional vacationer, you may be curious as to how bed bugs impact the hospitality industry. Do hotel rooms ever become home to these insects? Are hotels liable for any negative outcomes customers experience as a result of an infestation? Consider a few key pieces of information that may help hotel managers and guests outsmart these mattress-dwelling pests. If all these fail, then hire the services of a professional pest control company in Waterloo

The Truth About Bed Bugs and Hotels

Though it isn’t a pleasant reality, the truth is that hotels frequently encounter problems with bed bugs. Bed bugs enter the hotel by clinging to a customers’ clothing, luggage, or other possessions. Over time, a small number of bed bugs can grow into an overwhelming one as these insects obtain blood meals and reproduce.

Consequences for Hotels

Hotel owners and managers dislike bed bugs every bit as much as their patrons do. After all, these critters can cause all sorts of mayhem, including customer complaints, legal issues, and financial losses. For example, hotel guests may be justified in cancelling a hotel’s credit card charge if the room in question was infested with bed bugs. Though it isn’t practical to follow a bed bug trail from property to property, patrons could potentially file a lawsuit against a hotel in extreme situations. 

While these may seem to be overreactions on the customers’ part, bed bugs can be quite burdensome. These insects may leave itchy red bite marks on people’s skin, for instance, and can follow vacationers home, spreading the infestation to yet another property.

One of the financial consequences of a bed bug infestation is that a hotel’s reputation may suffer. If patrons leave reviews indicating that the rooms are home to bed bugs, the hotel may lose a great deal of business. Similarly, hotels may have to keep rooms empty for days at a time while an infestation is being treated.

Identifying Bed Bugs

When you walk into a hotel room, there are a few places you can look to determine whether bed bugs are present. First, check the mattress’s seams and labels. Next, look at the floor and walls of the closet, as well as the inside of the dresser. Finally, examine the perimeter of the room, peeking at electrical outlets, framed art, peeling wallpaper, and trim. If you spot brown or reddish bugs with oval-shaped bodies, you may be up against a bed bug infestation.

Live bed bugs aren’t the only evidence you may find of a local bed bug population. You may also see what appear to be bloodstains on the mattress or sheets where bugs have been squished or regurgitated blood. You may also notice small oval-shaped eggs or black pinpoint-sized spots of feces.

Treating an Infestation

As a hotel owner or manager, it’s critical that you invest in regular pest control treatments. This way, you may be able to avoid bed bug infestations altogether. Additionally, you can demonstrate your efforts to deter bed bugs should customers complain. 

There are several ways to go about treatment. Accessible bugs and eggs can be vacuumed up, while others must be eliminated using insecticide or heat. The key is to target the issue as early as possible, as bed bugs can reproduce rapidly.

When you’re looking for commercial pest control in Waterloo, your local Truly Nolen Canada is the team to call. Our experienced technicians can conduct a thorough examination of the rooms in question to confirm the presence of bed bugs. Then, we safely kill the bed bugs using a high-pressure mist. Lastly, we clean the area to ensure the problem does not return. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can rid your hotel or home of bed bugs.