Waterloo Pest Control: Keeping Ants Out of the Office

Waterloo Pest Control: Keeping Ants Out of the Office

Ants are a common problem in many offices and other commercial settings. These critters thrive in office environments where staff members may be inadvertently contributing to an infestation. Office managers have to be diligent about keeping ants out of the office. Start by working with Truly Nolen Canada and get an effective commercial pest control in Waterloo solution that keeps ants away for good. Here are some things to know about ants in the office.

Problems With Ants in the Office

If you have an ant infestation in your office, it can be annoying and unsightly. Depending on the type of ant that is invading your office space, there is also a risk of damage to your building or furnishings. Your employees may also not appreciate coming to work today in an office that is infested with bugs. Additionally, if your team brings clients or other visitors into your office on a regular basis, the sight of multiple ants around your office may be alarming and give them a negative view of your company.

Identifying Ant Species

When you have an issue with ants in your building, it’s helpful to understand what species of ant is in your space. The most common types of ants that occupy offices, homes and commercial buildings are carpenter ants, moisture ants and odorous house ants.

Carpenter ants are easy to spot because they are much larger than typical ants and black. Odorous house ants are small, about 1/8 inch, black or brown and leave behind a distinctive smell when they are crushed. Moisture ants are also small, around the same size as odorous house ants, and are dark brown or dark yellow in colour.

Prevention Strategies

The best strategy for ant removal is to have an effective plan to prevent an infestation. Our pros can come out to your office and provide preventative services to keep ants from getting into your building. One strategy is to seal up any entry points into your office or commercial building. We use caulk and other products to eliminate gaps that allow bugs and other pests an entryway.

Eliminating Food Sources

The next way you can prevent an ant infestation is to keep the office clean and sanitized. Ensure you have a quality cleaning crew coming into your workspace each day to clean up spills, debris, trash and other things that may attract ants. Train staff members to clean up their messes and to not leave food or crumbs behind so you can eliminate the food source of the ants.

Professional Ant Infestation Inspection

Commercial buildings like offices also need to have a pest control plan that addresses potential ant problems. Truly Nolen works with your team to schedule regular ant inspections so we can spot any issues before they impact your building. We focus on monthly services that provide effective ant removal and protection against infestations.

Services From a Pro

In addition to monthly inspections for ants, we also provide professional treatments to your interior and exterior to keep the ants from coming back. We use power spray treatments outside, bait stations and spot treatments in your office interior to keep them from infiltrating your space.

Quality Commercial Pest Control

Our pro services also include protection against other crawling insects besides ants. This can help keep your office area pristine and prevent further infestations. We pride ourselves on our guarantee to our customers who manage and own commercial buildings.

If you have an ant problem, stop using ant traps and ant kits from the home improvement store. Let the team from Truly Nolen Canada help you get rid of office ants once and for all. Contact us today to learn more about our services for commercial clients.