Waterloo Pest Control: Keeping Pests Away From Your Business

Waterloo Pest Control: Keeping Pests Away From Your Business

Pests can wreak havoc on your business if not addressed quickly. If customers catch sight of a rodent, they may assume your space is unhygienic and avoid visiting in the future. Businesses subject to inspections also face the risk of getting penalized. How can you avoid an emergency call to commercial pest control in Waterloo? Here are tips from the experts.

Commercial Pest Control in Waterloo Offers Tips for Businesses

A good pest control company can clear out unwanted visitors and the mess they leave behind, but it’s essential to take preventative steps to minimize the damage. For best results, train employees in these pest-prevention tips.

Inspect Your Property

Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize they have a pest problem until it’s a huge issue. However, there are often signs before an infestation gets bad — they’re just so subtle that you can miss them if you don’t know what to look for.

To catch issues before they turn costly, familiarize yourself with signs of pests on your property:

  • Scratching, skittering and other strange noises
  • Chewed plants and furniture
  • Shredded fabric or paper
  • Droppings
  • Eggs

Store Food Securely

Any professional from commercial pest control in Waterloo will tell you that food is a major attraction for pests. All animals need food, and they’ll stick around areas with easy access.

If you own a business that prepares food, ensure your employees properly store ingredients in airtight containers. Avoid keeping food in paper or soft plastic receptacles, as rodents can chew through them. Glass and hard plastic are more durable.

You should also evaluate your trash bins. Raccoons and other wildlife can smell rotting food and may pilfer your garbage; once they realize your business provides a reliable source of sustenance, they’ll try to find ways in. Getting trash bins with locks is an excellent way to avoid this.

Seal Potential Entry Points

In addition to removing wildlife, pest control for businesses identifies and seals potential entry points. While it’s best to call commercial pest control in Waterloo for a thorough inspection, you can proactively look for new cracks and gaps.

Wildlife can squeeze through tiny spaces, so don’t think a gap is too small to be a problem. Keep an eye out for these common entry points:

  • Wall and ceiling cracks
  • Foundation fissures
  • Door and window frame gaps
  • Install Window Screens

Window screens let in fresh air while keeping bugs and rodents out. They can also minimize the amount of light coming in during the summer, allowing you to keep cooling costs low.

Of course, screens degrade with exposure to ultraviolet radiation, wind and rain. Even small holes can let in flies, mosquitoes and other insects, so inspect your screens before opening the window.

Care for Your Lawn

Landscaping can make a business feel welcoming to customers, but it’s also prime real estate for pests. It’s natural to have some insects in your lawn, but certain species can cause significant damage. There’s also the risk of wildlife settling in and raising young. If you discover any of the following, you should call commercial pest control in Waterloo:

  • Dirt mounds
  • Patches of dead grass
  • Burrows

Regular maintenance reduces the likelihood of pests calling your landscaping home. Trimming trees, hedges and grass eliminates natural nesting spots, forcing critters to move along.

Professional Inspections From Commercial Pest Control in Waterloo

What do professional pest control people use to keep wildlife out of commercial properties? Experts at Truly Nolen Canada utilize a combination of training and high-grade equipment to identify signs of infestation, remove dangerous wildlife and create a prevention plan. By implementing the above tips and scheduling inspections, you can keep your business pest-free. To learn more about commercial pest control in Waterloo, call or submit a request online.