Waterloo Pest Control: The Risks and Dangers of a Mouse Infestation

The Risks and Dangers of a Mouse Infestation

Mice do not look very threatening; the animals are small, fragile, and tend to shy away from people. Still, the animals can cause human health and safety issues when left to multiply and thrive in a house. The only reliable solution to a residential infestation is home pest control in Waterloo.

Do not get caught up in the hype of DIY solutions. Too many people believe DIY pest control saves money and is as effective as professional service. The assumption is incorrect and unsafe. Homeowners put themselves, their families, and their properties at risk when attempting these ineffective and often costly strategies.

The better option for homeowners is professional protection and personal education. Knowing the warning signs and dangers of infestations ensures your safety and health.

Warning Signs of a Mouse Infestation

An initial mouse infestation is challenging to spot because there may be only a few mice. Still, even small infestations leave traces, like grease tracks, poop, and noises.

Mice tend to scurry along the borders of a home. When looking for signs, check behind furniture, around baseboards, and inside closets and cupboards. Mice feel safest in dark, protected spaces. As you search, look for droppings along the walls or inside cabinets and drawers.

Another common sign of an infestation is noise. Mice are nocturnal, so you may hear scratching and movement within wall cavities in the evening. You can also watch your pets for signs of odd noises. Dogs and cats have superior hearing compared to humans so they may notice noises before you.

If you hear noises or find signs of an infestation, contact local mice removal for help. Professional services like Truly Nolen can make quick work of the problem.

Dangers of a Rodent Infestation

What is pest control at home? Home pest control is a professional service that protects against infestations from various pests. The protection typically involves mitigation and prevention strategies executed by qualified professionals. Professional removal and elimination are essential when discussing rodent infestations because of the dangers such problems create.

1. Health Risks

Mice and other rodents are common carriers of several diseases and bacteria. From the hantavirus to leptospirosis, contact with a mouse is dangerous for your health, and the problem doesn’t only stem from direct contact with the rodent.

Mouse urine and droppings can also transmit bacteria and illnesses, which can thrive on the surface for long periods. Professionals use PPE and other cleaning methods to ensure your house is safe.

2. Safety Hazards

Beyond illness, mice also create several safety hazards throughout a house. Like most rodents, mice need to chew to file down their teeth. They chew on wood, insulation, and wiring.

Because infestations may contain thousands of mice, property damage is a real threat to homeowner safety. From structural issues to fire hazards, a mouse infestation presents a significant risk to homeowners and their families.

3. Cross-Contamination

Finally, while mice are relatively clean creatures, they walk across numerous surfaces, including food. A mouse may peruse your garbage and toilet before walking through your pantry or bread drawer. All the bacteria and chemicals the animal may trek through transfer to your food or surfaces.

Reasons To Hire Home Pest Control Near Me

A professional service is qualified, licensed, and insured. Most guarantee their work to reduce homeowner risks. If you believe you have a mouse infestation or want to prevent one, contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule a property assessment. The company will send a team to inspect your home and property to determine any issues. If the team finds something, they will walk you through potential treatments and solutions.