Waterloo Pest Control: Why Professional Mice Removal is Important

Waterloo Pest Control: Why Professional Mice Removal is Important

Professional mice pest control in Waterloo is essential because mouse populations are notoriously difficult to manage and remove. An infestation presents significant safety and health concerns, and most homeowners and commercial property owners are not equipped to handle it.

A professional service maintains proper licensing and insurance as well as employs qualified technicians with experience handling rodents. A pest control company can guarantee a quick response and practical solutions. Discover the reasons it is essential to work with pros to rid your property of rodents and other pests.

4 Reasons Professional Mice Removal Is Necessary

Mice removal is not a DIY job. While homeowners might believe that setting a few traps or laying down some bait is enough to eliminate a mouse problem, it likely isn’t. Rodent infestations are often larger than people realize, so traps and bait will do little to impact the overall population.

The only surefire way to remove an infestation is to work with professional pest control services. If you aren’t convinced, consider the four reasons professional removal is essential.

1. Breeding

A small rodent problem can quickly evolve into a significant infestation. A typical mouse can reproduce up to 10 times per year and has a gestation period of only 19 to 21 days. Also, a mouse can become pregnant right after giving birth, meaning you might see two litters as little as 25 days apart. A typical litter can have between five and 12 pups. Male and female mice reach sexual maturity at only four to seven weeks of age.

Just looking at the numbers, a single female mouse can produce up to 120 mice in a single year. If half of those mice are female, you are looking at a potential infestation of several thousand in a 12-month period.

2. Property Damage

Mice can cause a lot of property damage, too. The animals urinate and poop all over. They also tear up insulation, furniture, cardboard, and other items to build nests.

Also, mice are incessant chewers; they have to be. A mouse’s teeth never stop growing, so they chew to file them down. Unfortunately, they will chew anything, from structural beams to electrical wires.

Because they chew electrical wires, they increase the risk of an electrical fire. Combine the wires with loose nesting materials, and it is easy to see how mice are a significant safety hazard.

3. Disease

Mice also carry and transmit several diseases to humans. Some of the most common and concerning transmittable diseases that mice carry include HPS and leptospirosis. Mice can also have the plague, typhus, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis.

Some of the diseases are transmitted through bite or scratch, but you can contract others by coming into contact with the rodent’s urine or feces or surfaces contaminated by their urine or feces.

The best way to protect yourself and your family is by hiring a residential pest control service. The service will assess your property to develop the appropriate rodent treatment and removal plan.

4. Food Contamination

You also need to concern yourself about food contamination. Mice not only carry and transmit bacteria and viruses, but they can also walk through contaminated surfaces and contaminate your food. For example, mice often search the garbage for food. Any bacteria in your trash can hitch a ride on a rodent’s paws to your pantry.

Do you have a mouse problem? If you have seen mice around your property or inside your house, your situation is likely more significant than you realize. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss rodent removal and prevention services. Also, schedule a property assessment to determine the extent of the infestation.