Waterloo Pest Removal: Can Bed Bugs Invade an Office?

Can Bed Bugs Invade an Office

Bed bugs are pests typically found in bedrooms, motels and other sleeping areas. They are persistent, difficult to remove and can cause irritating bites. Unfortunately, these pests may also be found lurking in office buildings. Find out how these insects enter an office, the signs of an infestation and where to turn for bed bug removal Waterloo.

How Do Bed Bugs Enter an Office?

Bed bugs got their name from their usual hiding place. These pests typically feed at night and hide in close proximity to human hosts. They can survive for a long time without food and feed at least once a week; and then stay concealed during the day in a nearby area.

This strategy lends itself well to hiding in hotels and residential bedrooms, but these intruders have also been found in commercial locations. An office building may not have the ideal feeding situation, but these pests can live for months without nourishment.

They are also expert hitchhikers. Bed bugs usually latch onto bags, clothes and other belongings. While they may reside in your office building, they commonly hitch a ride to the homes of your employees, customers and other office visitors.

If pressed, bed bugs are willing to travel by foot. They have been known to climb through wall cavities, down hallways and follow plumbing lines to enter new parts of a building. If your office building is connected to apartments, a hotel or other sleeping areas, it’s at particular risk of an infestation.

It’s very difficult to remove bed bugs on your own. These stubborn pests continue to live on in surprising places for months. Employees may have already transferred them to their homes, so you may need to remove hiding places in your office building to prevent bugs from simply travelling back to your building.

What Are the Symptoms of an Office Bed Bug Infestation?

Thankfully, there are no known diseases caused by bed bug bites. This doesn’t stop them from being a nuisance and a liability. Your personal comfort, your reputation and your office’s reputation are all on the line if you’re faced with a bed bug infestation.

Their bites feel like mosquito bites. Although tiny, they can be incredibly itchy and uncomfortable, and long-term exposure to bed bugs can cause lots of bites. If they appear on your face or hands, this visible evidence can affect your reputation. Despite the lack of diseases and the prevalence of bed bugs in all types of buildings, these are still believed to be a dirty, embarrassing pest.

No one wants to get bed bugs from an office they work at or visit. If it’s found your office is the primary residence of bugs that are being sent to homes and other buildings, you could have a lawsuit on your hands. Don’t spread a costly, uncomfortable infestation. Find out how you can rid your building of these intruders.

How Can I Remove Bed Bugs?

DIY bed bug removal is very difficult. These resilient bugs are great at hiding in small cracks for months at a time. 

At Truly Nolen, we understand the difficulties in removing and preventing bed bugs. We start with a thorough inspection of your property. Next, we recommend a cleaning and control strategy. We treat any furniture, window treatments and other popular hiding places around your office.

Our Waterloo team removes bed bugs in your building to halt the spread. We use a high-pressure misting system and other professional tools and techniques to take on any size infestation in your premises.

Schedule an inspection today to remove bed bugs from your office building. Bug bombs and other DIY solutions aren’t enough for these stubborn guests so work with a local leader in effective removal of adult bugs, eggs and hiding spaces.