Proactive Measures To Prevent Bed Bug Issues in the Hospitality Sector

Proactive Measures To Prevent Bed Bug Issues in the Hospitality Sector png

As a professional in the hospitality sector, you may have regular nightmares over the possibility of bed bugs. A single incident can force you to replace your furnishing inventory, lower the value of your rooms, lead to litigation, and hurt your reputation for years to come. In addition to the bed bug control services provided by our expert Truly Nolen team in Niagara, we are here to educate you on what you can do to decrease your risk of these frightening pests.

Create a Prevention Plan

While no proactive prevention plan can replace the need for constant inspections and vigilance, you can go a long way in decreasing risk by making wise choices that deny bed bugs the environment they need to flourish. Here are a few recommendations on how to keep them out.

Luggage Furniture

Luggage is a common way for guests to transport bed bugs into your rooms, so giving them a reason to place their luggage somewhere other than the bed or floor will prevent infestations. Collapsible luggage racks that you store in the closet are not as widely used as hard, easily-recognizable furniture that is visible when the guest first walks into the room.


The headboards that you use in your rooms can either harbor or refuse shelter to the bugs depending on which style you select. Upholstery gives the insects another place to live, and carved wood provides crevices where they can lay eggs. A straight headboard with no grooves or texture is the design least likely to harbor pests.

Bed Frames

Smart hospitality managers are replacing traditional bed frames with metal box spring platforms. Bugs do not like metal surfaces as much as wood, and the platforms do not offer them anywhere to hide or lay eggs. With fewer places to hide, the insects are less likely to move in and easier for your staff to spot if an incident does occur.

Mattress Liners

A foam mattress that comes with a treated mattress liner works well as a preventative tool. Using quality treated liners under the fitted sheet can kill bed bugs on contact. If a guest unwittingly introduces a few of the pests to your room during their stay, the liner can help to kill them before they get a foothold in the establishment.

Decorative Fabric Skirts

The traditional dust ruffle that fits around the box spring may look fancy, but it provides a walkway between the bed and the floor that increases your risk of an infestation. In the place of these skirts, there are now attractive fabric covers that fit snugly against the box spring to give guests the same homey feeling without inviting problems.

Couches and Chairs

When selecting seating furniture, you, of course, have your guests’ comfort in mind. However, you must also remember that additional fabric surfaces give bed bugs more places to live. If you do select upholstered furniture for your rooms, choose couches and chairs that are as easy to clean and inspect as possible. Fixed, tightly fitted cushions are less likely to cause problems than loose pillows or cushions with folds.

Window Coverings

Non-upholstered window coverings are the safest option. If you choose to use drapes or other cloth valances, select a design with as few pleats as possible. Keep in mind that every fold of fabric is a potential hiding place, and decorative patterns can make eggs difficult to see during inspections.

Supplement Your Prevention Plan With Bed Bugs Control Services in Niagara

Sadly, no prevention plan can guarantee that these little pests never find their way into your establishment. But with frequent inspections, your staff can catch the insects that do slip through your defenses. Contact us for discreet and rapid help any time you need it so that the incident is dealt with before any of your guests have reason to be alarmed.