The Role of Social Media in Helping Bed Bugs Win

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If you think that social media only affect peoples’ lifestyle, then you might want to change your thinking. The impact of social media is far-reaching and it influences everything you do. Take, for instance, the power of online purchases where consumers usually rely on online reviews to decide whether they should or should not buy specific products. In recent research, it was revealed that reports about bed bugs on social media and online review sites have a huge impact on consumer’s decision to make purchases.

The impact is so strong that they have influenced travellers to stay clear of any hotel that is supposedly infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs victims are not afraid to share their negative experiences on the internet. They provide precise descriptions of the anxiety, sleeplessness, physical distress and inconveniences they suffered while staying in bed bug infested accommodations.

How Bed Bug Reviews Impact Revenue     

Numerous hotel managers wince at any reference to popular review sites such as Bedbug Reports, Travelocity and TripAdvisor. They have come to understand the negative impact these reviews create in the minds of travellers. One of the major results of online reviews about bed bugs is that it has caused a drop in the costs of hotel rooms. This is understandable of course because nobody wants to be traumatized by bed bug infestation situations.

Online reviews about bed bug incidents have far-reaching effects. Just one incident can trigger a series of non-budgeted expenses for hoteliers. These include a reduction in the costs for rooms, pest control management expense, loss of revenue while pest control measures are being implemented, compensation for guests and disposal of soft goods. In addition, hotels are subjected to lawsuits brought on by affected consumers, which can have a negative impact on shareholders equity.  To silence negative online reviews and social media impact on bed bug problems, hotels need to implement a commercial pest control program.   

Protecting Your Property’s Reputation

How can a hotel or restaurant operator protect their business reputation? Let’s look at some things that can be done to prevent your business from becoming a victim in the bed bug war.   

Education: The research study mentioned earlier stated that there is a misconception about bed bugs because most travellers cannot accurately identify a bed bug. What hotels need to do then is to properly educate and train their staff on how to recognize a bed bug. This training will include signs of bed bug presence and how to spot a bed bug at each of its life stages.  

Forward-thinking: To prevent bed bug infestation you have to investigate the source. Today’s hotels are featuring bed bug resistant rooms. Many are implementing preventative measures for mattresses. These preventative measures include active mattress liners that destroy bed bugs. These liners which fit like fitted sheets will begin working within ten minutes after being placed on the mattress.

Pest control Management: This is one of the most effective preventative methods available for attacking bed bug invasion. Truly Nolen pest control specialists can assist you in training your staff on how to identify bed bugs and not confuse them with other bugs. We have the right resources to tackle any bed bug infestation regardless of the magnitude and will ensure a complete and safe eradication process.

With proper training of staff on bed bug identification and the use of a commercial pest control program, hotel managers can keep their hotels open to guests. The most important thing that owners can do is to implement a prevention strategy rather than trying to fix the problem.

Recent reports have revealed that the bed bug war continues, but hoteliers everywhere can protect themselves by adopting new technology, training workers and applying an effective prevention strategy.