The Top Places That Deal With Bed Bug Infestations

The Top Places That Deal With Bed Bug Infestations

Bedbugs are small, invasive insects that feed on the blood of people and pets. They typically feed at night wherever they can find exposed skin, leaving you with itchy weals and bumps the following morning. While bedbug infestations in hotels are common, you may also pick them up right in your own hometown. At Truly Nolen, we can provide you with an experienced bed bug exterminator, along with some helpful information that may help you avoid bringing bedbugs home from a few common public places.


Taking your family’s clothing to the local laundromat can expose you to bedbugs. These insects often travel great distances on people’s clothing and may find their way onto your laundry from someone else’s infected sheets.

If you use a public laundromat, avoid bringing home bedbugs by washing your clothes and bedding in hot water and fold your clean laundry away from others putting dirty clothes and sheets into nearby washing machines.

Schools and Colleges

Shared common spaces in schools and colleges such as cafeterias, dorm rooms and even classrooms can harbour bedbugs. They can travel on a variety of items, including:

  • Stuffed toys
  • Backpacks
  • Clothing

Shared furniture can also cause the transfer of bedbugs from one place to another. Once an infestation begins, do-it-yourself bed bug pest control may not eliminate all the insects and their eggs, causing a cycle of ineffective treatment and re-infestation.

Retail Stores

You can find some great deals at local retail stores, but bedbugs may lurk in clothing racks and plush toys, especially in secondhand stores where the items come from other people’s homes. Furniture such as couches and plush chairs can harbour bedbugs, as they hide under cushions and along crevices.

Even new furniture can become infested when someone carrying bedbugs on their clothing leaves a few behind in the showroom. Inspect new furniture carefully before bringing it into your home.

Public Transportation

Buses, taxis and commuter trains create close quarters, and bedbugs can travel right along with the humans who use them. They can hitch a ride home with you in your clothing and you may never even see them until they end up in your bed and make themselves at home.

You can avoid picking up bedbugs on public transport by standing or sitting away from others if possible and keeping your purse, briefcase or travel bag off of upholstered or fabric-lined seating.

The Movie Theatre

Today’s movie theatre seating is more comfortable than ever, but this makes for a comfortable wait station for bedbugs. They travel from infested homes and hitch a ride home with you in your clothing or handbag.

A bedbug exterminator from Truly Nolen can help you identify an infestation if you happen to bring these insects home from your local movie theatre. You may mistake bedbug bites for flea or mosquito bites, and our experienced insect removal technicians can search for signs that verify the presence of bedbugs, such as discarded exoskeletons and stains from their feces.

Call In a Bedbug Exterminator From Truly Nolen

Bedbugs feed at night while their hosts sleep, so you may not notice an infestation right away. Our exterminators understand the behaviours of these parasitic insects and can identify and eliminate them with effective treatments, no matter where they might hide.

Once our exterminators treat your home, they can provide you with a few tips for avoiding bedbugs, such as vacuuming bedrooms and mattresses at least once a week and examining your clothing and luggage when you return from a trip. Most people pick up bedbugs in public spaces, and preventative measures can help you avoid an infestation.

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Once bedbugs enter your home and begin to multiply, they are usually difficult to eliminate on your own. They can live for months in carpeting and on clothing, and repeat infestations are not uncommon. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let Truly Nolen defend your home and family from these invasive pests with our professional bed bug control near me services.