Stop Wasps And Bees From Nesting In Your Yard

When thinking about pest control for bees and wasps, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to NOT attempt to deal with nests on your own. Professional services in bee and wasp control are essential for keeping you and your family safe. That is most important in the summer, as backyard gatherings are at risk if you have a bee or wasp nest you haven’t spotted in time. There are things you can do to solve the problem, though it is important to remember that a professional approach is the safest option.

Types Of Insects To Pay Attention To

Wasps, in particular, are troublesome for countless Canadian homeowners in the summer because, unlike bees, wasps can sting repeatedly and they do not die after a single sting. Among the particularly troublesome types of wasps that plague homeowners throughout Canada in the summer are:

• Bald-faced hornets
• Yellow jackets

Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald-faced hornets will often make their nests under decks, in bushes and trees. Despite their name, bald-faced hornets are actually wasps and are the species people get particularly worried about. This is wise, as these insects can be very aggressive. Bald-faced hornets’ nests can be as big as a basketball and even bigger in some cases.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets can cause equally big problems for homeowners as these insects make their nests in holes and the ground. This often creates situations in which homeowners aren’t aware they have a ground nest on their property until after they’ve disturbed it. Despite being a pretty common group of wasps, yellow jackets are the worst of the bunch and their nests are ones homeowners SHOULD NOT attempt to remove on their own, ever. Because yellow jackets are very aggressive, their nests can be extremely difficult to get rid of and a professional approach is definitely your best option in this case.

How Do I Keep Wasps And Bees Out Of My Yard?

Reducing the possibility of a ground nest is best done by sealing crevices, cracks and holes along window sills, concrete driveways, and any other hollow entry points the wasps may use to build a nest. Treating exposed wood is also a good idea, as well as removing fallen fruit from trees. If you are looking to not attract wasps to your backyard party, cover up exposed proteins and sweet drinks. Tightly seal garbage cans and consider placing wasp traps at the edge of your property to capture them by using pheromones.

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