Summer Gardening May Invite Rats Into Your Home

If you happen to be a passionate gardener, there is almost nothing that could ruin the dream of textured, colorful, thriving and luxurious gardens in the summertime . Actually, there is one pretty serious problem that could easily arise if you’re thinking of turning your lifeless backyard into an idyllic and relaxing retreat. That problem has gray fur, a long tail, sharp teeth and an appetite for devouring greens. Rats are one of the most common occurrences for Canadian homeowners during the warm season and they are particularly attracted to your well-landscaped backyard. If you notice an infestation, you need to be thinking about pest control in Canada.

Why Are Rats Attracted To Your Gardened Home?

With more people switching over to “green” lifestyles, there is an obvious lack of poison that people might use domestically to act as a deterrent for rats and other rodents. Eating healthy and going green does have downsides in the form of attracting rats and other pests to people’s homes. An abundance of food in the form of gardens created by homeowners also act as a huge attraction for rats who simply love to gnaw on anything green. The absence of common and traditional deterrents coupled with more inviting circumstances such as green lifestyles are enough to attract the furry critters into your home.

How Do You Make Your Yard Unattractive For Rats & Pests?

Having rats in your garden is not the end of the world and they are an inevitable part of our environment. You can eliminate the attraction for these critters by following a few basic rules of storing and preparing the compost for your garden plants. Here is what you can do in order to make your compost bins/heaps unattractive for mice, rats, and rodents:

• Make sure to sink the compost bin into the ground by at least 15 centimetres
• Place chicken wire under the bin
• Line the bottom rim with bricks
• Go out and purchase a plastic base on which the bin will sit. This not only deter rodents, but also allow for drainage and beneficial insects or worms into the compost
• Keep the compost moist
• Plant some mint nearby

Your Property Is Under Attack From Rats? Call Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen is among the best pest control providers in Canada thanks to its unique approach to each pest control situation. With more than 75 years of experience in pest control, Truly Nolen is THE resource to turn to if you are plagued by rats and other rodents. Summer gardening is a great way to spend time productively, but make sure to keep Truly Nolen on speed dial as this activity can result in an unwanted rat infestation. Call Truly Nolen today and get those rats away from your beautiful backyard garden.