The Hazards of DIY Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are tough little suckers and these pests are notoriously hard to get rid of, and yet many people still think they can solve the problem without professional help. DIY bed bug removal is, however, a bad idea. Yes, there are other pests out there that you may successfully be able to tackle on your own, but the best way to rid yourself of bed bugs is to call in the experts.

Know where to look

Bed bugs may be small, but they cause big problems, and dealing with an infestation is complex and time-consuming. The first mistake people make is believing that bed bugs are only found in your mattress. Contrary to the name, bedbugs will infest more than just your bed. They can also be living in your headboard, nightstand, carpets, cracks, crevices, and behind hanging wall art. Bed bug removal experts know where to look and are also trained to spot other signs, like dark blood spots on your mattress and bug skins shed by molting.

Know when to look

It’s not just about where to look, it’s also important to know when to look. If you want to see if you have bed bugs before you call in the professionals, you need to do it at night. Looking for bed bugs during the day will usually turn up nothing as bed bugs are active at night and come out to feed when they sense human’s carbon dioxide. During the day they remain well hidden and the best way to search for bed bugs is by using a flashlight to illuminate their hiding places at night. Remember to look all over the room and not just on your bed.

Avoid the irresponsible use of chemicals

Don’t just grab the nearest aerosol can and start spraying. Many chemicals are target specific. If the packaging says for “flying insects” then that’s what the product is for and it’s not going to solve your bed bug problems. In fact, you could be making the problem worse by driving the bed bugs deeper into their hiding places. These little pests have not survived so long by being easy to kill.

The biggest danger associated with the improper use of chemicals is that it can make you and your family extremely ill. You should never use any products that don’t come with a material safety data sheet. Stay well away from that special mix that your friend concocted to get rid of bed bugs!

If you do use chemicals at home, make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Applying too much, not ventilating the area properly or applying the chemicals in the wrong places can have serious health implications. Bed bug bombs can even start a fire in your home if not used correctly. This means that bed bug removal is best left to the professionals. It is the safest, most effective method of dealing with the problem. Don’t take chances with your health and safety to save a few dollars!

Prevention is better than a cure

Bed bugs are experienced hitchhikers and you don’t want to inadvertently bring them into your home.

  • When you come home from a trip, inspect your belongings carefully.
  • If you stay in a hotel, make sure to check for bed bugs before you make yourself at home.
  • When friends and family come to stay, ask them to carefully inspect their luggage before putting it in your guestroom. If they have stayed at any hotel along the way, they could have picked up a few unwanted travelling companions.
  • If you purchase second-hand furniture and other items from thrift stores or pick it up on the curb, thoroughly inspect for bed bugs before putting it in your car or bringing it into your home. A beautiful piece of furniture could be hiding a dark secret.

Don’t think you can move away from your bed bugs problems – they will just move with you! And don’t waste your time and money on unsuccessful DIY bed bug removal. Pest removal experts, like Truly Nolen, have the training, experience, and products to deal with bed bug infestations. Instead of reaching for your nearest can of bug spray, reach for your phone and call in the professionals.