Trust Truly Nolen for Effective Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs have the ability to be one of the most inconvenient and stressful pests that anyone could have the misfortune of contracting. It’s not to say that you have a dirty or unclean house, it has nothing to do with that. Over the ages, bedbugs have evolved to adapt perfectly to the living conditions of humans, and seeing as our blood is their food source, it’s plain to see why they like to live in such close proximity to human beings. Being exceptionally good hitchhikers, bed bugs have the uncanny ability to catch a ride on clothing, bags, furniture, electronic appliances, and even boxes, forcing people to be the unwitting victims of these expert invaders.

Once inside your home, bed bug removal is a task that is best left to your Truly Nolen pest control professionals, as these pests are not that easy to get rid of. But don’t rush to throw out all of your bedding or furniture just yet. Truly Nolen’s eradication plan will take care of your problem, leaving you with peace of mind that you and your family are protected, and here’s how:

Thorough Inspection and Identification

Once on site, a qualified Truly Nolen pest control professional will give your home a thorough inspection for bed bugs and their tell-tale signs, starting close to the source of most bed bug problems, the bedroom. Due to the shape and size of bed bugs, they have the ability to hide in even the smallest of spaces, including the seams and mattress tufts, as well as any mattress buttons. Signs of bed bugs would include red and brown spots on the bedding and mattress, a musty odour left behind by their secretions, or nest that may be found behind the headboard or picture frames. Bed bug removal starts with finding where they live, and this is the most important part of eradicating your problem for good. Getting to the source of the problem will allow our technicians to interrupt the breeding process while eliminating any eggs that may be the cause of future problems.

Course of Action

Upon discovery of a bed bug infestation, your Truly Nolen professional will formulate a specific plan of action to take care of your bed bug situation, starting with the preparation of the infested area. It must be noted that Truly Nolen uses only the highest quality products approved by, and registered with Canada Health, maintaining strict adherence to the high health and environmental safety standards that Canada holds so highly. As part of the Truly Nolen bed bug removal and control program, a patent-pending high-pressure misting system is employed to ensure that the control substances reach every nook, cranny, and crevice where bed bugs could potentially be hiding. This allows for the complete and effective eradication of any bed bugs that are living in the hardest to reach places.

If it is your misfortune to have a bed bug infestation in your home, the best and only course of action is to call your Truly Nolen pest control professionals. With more than 80 years of proven pest control techniques and methods, as well as a trusted research and development division, we are industry leaders in our field, and have for generations provided both travellers and homeowners with peace of mind that money just can’t buy. So if you have a bed bug removal concern, then don’t wait till the problem gets out of hand, take control and call Truly Nolen today. Your family will thank you for it.