What Employees Should Do to Assist with Commercial Pest Control

Employees talking in a room with a table

Employees are a core part of any organization. Their efforts are what makes a business successful and that stands true when it comes to pest control as well. For businesses dealing with unwanted insects and animals, commercial pest control in Niagara is available; but prevention is ultimately the best form of protection. Therefore, it’s important to involve staff in your efforts to keep their working environment safe and pest-free. 

Integrated Pest Management for Businesses 

Pest infestations are a health risk for employees and can cause damage to buildings leading to additional, unnecessary expenses every year. Using an approach that monitor, detects and prevents pests are the best option available; not to mention, it makes dealing with pests easier. Proactive detection at early stages makes combating against infestations more effective. For commercial pest control in Niagara business owners should teach IPM as an on-going business practice and involve every member within the set-up. 

That being said, pests don’t just appear out of nowhere. There’s always a trail for pests to find their way into your business. Therefore, a comprehensive approach to addressing the problem is required. To identify the risks, here’s what you can do: 

Train Your Staff

Unpleasant as it may be, there needs to be an open discussion about pest management. Employees should be educated and involved in proactive management initiatives with a non-punishable approach. Many staff members might be hesitant to discuss sightings out of fear of repercussions or embarrassment. Open lines of communication should be established for the creation of a safe and healthy work environment. 

Draw Up Pest Management Protocols

Business owners need to realize bug control is going to be a constant part of their operations and needs to be treated as such. Pests can be attracted to spills from coffee or water, therefore awareness and protocols for cleaning the area should be in place. By developing a prevention policy, interruptions from pests can be kept to a minimum and it provides an outline for employees on how to keep their workplace tidy. 

Identify Structural Issues

Given pests tend to hang around or exploit structural issues within buildings, your staff should be encouraged to report any noticeable problems and must be corrected immediately. Additionally, proper maintenance is recommended to ensure deficiencies are kept to a minimum. Notable issues that commonly lead to pests include leaky pipes, broken or cracked windows, rotted door seals, cracks or crevices in walls or wooden planks. Additionally, furniture and office decorations should be periodically inspected as well. 

Zone Specific Pest Control 

There’s no blanket approach which can be applied to a business as different regions within the same building will attract different pests. Not to mention, the larger a building, the greater potential for pest infestations. By dividing your pest management according to zones, you’ll be able to better target the pests. For example, a kitchen or cafeteria may be more susceptible to ants as opposed to bed bugs which might linger on employee belongings or activity regions. Setting up different protocols for each sector makes it easier for employees to identify and manage pests. 

To make pest control a part of your business, contact our technicians for setting up educational seminars for your employees. Truly Nolen provides specialized commercial pest control in Niagara and its surrounding areas. Protect your business and employees from pests by making workplace safety is a primary concern for everyone.