What You Need to Know About the Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spiders

Many people are afraid of spiders, but few species pose a threat to humans. However, brown recluse spiders are one of two species that can harm humans when they bite. If you are concerned about the possibility of sharing your home with a brown recluse spider in Ontario, here are four things you need to know about this species of arachnid.

1. They Are Uncommon in Ontario

Brown recluse spiders are most common in the southeastern United States. They are uncommon in Canada, and most incidences of a brown recluse spider living in Ontario are probably because it accidentally hitched a ride from a traveler coming from America. However, although brown recluse spiders are rare in Canada, they can still wreak havoc if they bite you. It’s important to be prepared in case you find a brown recluse spider in your home.

When you are bitten by a brown recluse spider, you may not know it at first. You may experience a stinging sensation around the bite within an hour of being bitten. Spider bites from these arachnids are rarely fatal, but they can damage your nervous system, so it is important to seek quick treatment. Treatment varies widely depending on the potency of the venom. In some cases, the bite only causes white blisters on the skin that go away within a few weeks. However, it’s still a good idea to see a medical provider immediately if you suspect that you have been bitten by one of these spiders.

2. They’re Attracted To Unused Spaces

Like most other types of spiders, brown recluses prefer to live in dark, quiet environments. They don’t seek out humans to attack, but they are aggressive when provoked. Most bites occur when humans unknowingly bother a spider such as when an arachnid is living in a shoe that you try to put on or you actually roll onto a spider that is living in your bed sheets. Unused spaces such as attics, basements, closets and outdoor sheds make prime environments for these spiders. They are fond of cardboard, so one way to make your house a less appealing environment is to get rid of cardboard boxes in your closets.

3. You Can Invest In Spider Control To Prevent Them

The best way to prevent brown recluse spiders from taking up residence in your home is to create an environment that is not hospitable for them. These arachnids prefer dark, quiet spaces. Minimize clutter in your home and clean out spaces such as outdoor sheds and basements that are used infrequently. You can also contact a company like Truly Nolen to perform spider control. We will spray special chemicals around your home to deter spiders, and we can help you remove arachnids that have already moved in.

4. They Are Different Than Other Spiders

Unlike many other species of spider, the brown recluse is capable of spinning webs but does not use them for hunting. It ventures around dark spaces, primarily at night, and hunts for other spiders, cockroaches, ants and other insects to eat. The violin shape on its abdomen is the defining feature of the brown recluse spider, but it also only has six eyes when most arachnids have eight.

Contact an Expert for Help With Spider Control

You probably don’t have to worry about sharing your Ontario home with brown recluse spiders. However, this species of arachnid sometimes makes its way to the region, so if you discover one living in your home, it’s important to take quick action by contacting a reputable company for four seasons pest control. Truly Nolen is ready to help with the team of experts who specialize in arachnid removal. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.