Where Can You Find Carpenter Ant Nests?

Where Can You Find Carpenter Ant Nests

Carpenter ants are industrious insects that burrow inside homes and do serious damage as a result. When you see these creatures around your residence, it’s time to call Truly Nolen for carpenter ant removal. Carpenter ant colonies grow large and the more time they have to establish nests the greater the damage is to your home.

How Do You Identify and Locate Carpenter Ants?

Spotting a single carpenter ant could be a sign of an infestation. Since they are capable of a lot of destruction, it’s essential to know how to identify and locate them. Carpenter ants are large ants that are black or blackish-red in colour. They have a single node between the abdomen and thorax that makes them recognizable.

Carpenter ants leave trails as they burrow through wood and kick out sawdust. These ants don’t eat wood, but they leave remnants (frass) behind when making nests. Typically, homeowners find piles of frass in basements near walls, on ledges that catch the dust or on the surface of walls. Carpenter ants are elusive creatures, so visible damage areas reveal a problem.

What Are Their Favourite Nesting Areas?

Carpenter ants are attracted to moist wood. In the outdoors, decaying trees are a prime nesting place because it is easy for them to burrow. The same is true for fences, decks and house frames that are saturated and weakened by water.

Other wood sources around homes like landscape mulch, firewood piles and old stumps attract carpenter ants to your yard. Upkeep of your yard and home is an important defence against these pests but may not be enough to deter them from taking up residence.

Why Do They Choose Specific Nesting Places?

Carpenter ants require humidity and a constant temperature, so homes are great places to build colonies. Houses also protect them from environmental changes and natural enemies.

Carpenter ants don’t need to find food sources inside your home. You won’t likely find them crawling in pantries or cabinets, because they range outside the home for things to eat. Your home does provide safety and ample room to build a colony, which is why home infestations are a common occurrence.

What Kind of Damage Do They Cause?

Carpenter ants cause serious damage to a home over time. Their tunnel-making behaviours weaken wood structures that compromise structural integrity and make a residence unsafe to inhabit. This type of damage is costly, and renovations are complicated processes.

Cosmetic damage is another issue. Extensive chewing makes homes look unsightly. Early detection and prevention are the best ways to mitigate carpenter ant issues. Professional pest control in Guelph protects your home against unnecessary losses and provides you safety.

What Is the Best Way To Deal With Them?

The most effective way to deal with carpenter ants is to prevent infestations. Proactive defence is the best way to guard your property. If you do notice signs of activity, here are the ways our seasonal pest control makes the difference:

  • Inspect and identify: We do a thorough inspection to find all the problem areas and identify the pest problems you are encountering. 
  • Decide a course of action: We offer solutions that work for your situation and make certain your home is safe.
  • Control and prevent: We implement prevention and exclusion techniques to remove pests and prevent future infestations.

Carpenter ant infestations are difficult to control, so our team provides the necessary follow-up for your ongoing protection.

Your Team for Pest Control in Guelph

Truly Nolen is your team for the best pest control solutions. Our unique Four Seasons Approach protects your home against expensive damages due to a carpenter ant infestation. Contact us today to learn more about our services.