Why You Should Call a Pest Control Company to Remove Rodents

Why You Should Call a Pest Control Company to Remove Rodents

Do you have a rodent problem? Have you seen them scurrying across your floors or into your walls? Are you tempted to go out and purchase traps and poisons? Don’t. Let the professionals handle your infestation. While it is tempting to handle the problem yourself, pest control companies are trained and licensed for rodent removal, which means they understand how to eliminate your problem and prevent further issues. However, if that is not enough to convince you, then there are at least eight more reasons to hire a pest control company for rodent removal Niagara.


The first reason you should hire a pest removal company is to ensure your continued health. Catching and removing rodents is only a part of the overall problem. When mice, rats or other vermin get into your home, they likely defecate and urinate in your walls, ceilings and attics or basements. Also, the rodents may be ill, and if you get bit — which is possible — you may get infected. Keep your family safe and hire experts.


Next, you using traps and poisons is likely not as efficient as a professional with trapping experience. Also, while you may only have seen one mouse, you probably have more than a single rodent. However, if you only saw one, then you may be tempted to stop trapping after you catch the one culprit. A company wants to ensure that your home is free of any infestation.

Reduced Stress

Hiring a pest control business can also reduce your level of stress. First, you may feel relieved that the responsibility is no longer on your shoulders. Second, you won’t have to spend money on hopeful solutions. Lastly, professionals have a way of providing customers with peace of mind, allowing them to sleep a little easier knowing their problem is taken care of.


Next, hiring a pest control company may actually be cheaper than trying to resolve the issue on your own. The reason being, a company has the experience and more manpower. Therefore, when they finish a job, the rodent problem is likely resolved. However, when you do the job, you may miss some vermin. If any animals are left in the home, then the problem will only continue and probably get worse over time.

Reduced Risks

Mice and other rodents have teeth that continuously grow, which leads to gnawing. While a single mouse gnawing doesn’t seem like a big deal, multiple mice chewing on things like rafters and wiring can potentially be dangerous. In fact, rodent infestations have caused fires in the past. A pest removal company will do more than remove rodents; they will also check the integrity of the structure to ensure you are safe.


Also, when homeowners attempt rodent removal alone, they tend to overlook the internal structural damage done to their homes. Mice, rats use insulation as bathrooms. Unfortunately, urine and droppings can lead to mold and other sanitation problems. A professional, however, will make sure that any contaminated materials are removed and replaced.

Other Threats

Rats, squirrels, mice and other rodents also bring other pests into your home. For example, fleas and ticks can find their way into your home, causing further infestations. Homeowners may, again, overlook these potential threats.

Control and Prevention

Lastly, pests control companies build their reputations on being able to keep family homes and commercial properties free of pests. Therefore, any reputable company will emphasize customer satisfaction and continued contact with clients to ensure a pest-free environment.

Don’t attempt to rid your property of rodents on your own. Contact Truly Nolen Pest Control in Niagara, Canada, to schedule an inspection.