Why Commercial Bed Bug Removal is Essential Right Now

Why Commercial Bed Bug Removal is Essential During this Travel Restriction Period

Are you a commercial property owner who is concerned about a bed bug problem? Are you worried about the possibility of an infestation, or do you have a problem that you want to keep from spreading? During this time of travel restrictions due to the current health pandemic, it is crucial to keep on top of your pest control plans.

Bed bugs can negatively impact many businesses in the hospitality industry, especially hotels and restaurants. Your reputation depends on your guests’ approval, and a bed bug infestation is a quick way to ensure guests will not return. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, you will need to contact a professional pest control company for help. Regain your peace of mind and be ready for an influx of customers when travel restrictions are lifted. Here’s what you need to know about bed bug removal in Niagara:

Why Are Bed Bugs Harmful?

Bed bugs can travel efficiently and quickly, from a hotel room to an office or from a restaurant to a residential home. These small, blood-sucking insects are highly resourceful and can withstand harsh environments. Once bed bugs enter a commercial business, they quickly begin multiplying. A female bed bug lays up to five eggs a day or an average of 130 eggs over its lifespan. This is the reason why eggs need to be recognized and removed before they hatch; otherwise, they can wreak havoc to your business. Once the eggs hatch, they reach adulthood quickly and begin laying eggs and seeking blood to consume right away. This never-ending cycle can become a big problem for a commercial property in a matter of weeks.

Why Hire a Professional Bed Bug Removal Company?

Commercial property owners should never attempt to eliminate bed bugs without the help of a specialist. Professionals have the experience and technology necessary to effectively rid a hotel or restaurant of bed bugs. A certified company can quickly locate the origin of the infestation and apply the best treatments right at the problem’s source. If you simply eliminate the visible bed bugs but do not find the source, more infestations are likely to occur in the future.

Time is of the essence when eliminating bed bugs. A professional company can provide quicker results, eliminating the possibility of the infestation spreading. Companies have access to chemicals that may not be available to consumers, eliminating bed bugs in a short period.

What Are the Bed Bug Treatment Options?

Depending on the severity of the infestation, there are several treatment options available. Here’s an overview of these options:

  • Heat remediation: Bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures above 120° Fahrenheit. A professional company will use an industrial-powered heater to effectively distribute the heat and ensure other room items are not damaged. A technician will monitor the entire process to make sure it is done safely and effectively.
  • Fumigation: Serious bed bug infestations require a traditional tented fumigation process. Fumigation is only used for the most severe infestations but is among the most effective treatment options available.
  • Steam: Industrial steam is an effective way to eliminate bed bugs. The steam should be applied to every surface of an affected area to ensure the procedure is as effective as possible.

Work With An Expert

Do not wait until travel restrictions are lifted to take care of the bed bug problem in your hotel or restaurant. Take care of the issue now so you can accommodate more customers when normal operations resume. Truly Nolen is a respected leader in the pest control industry. We employ experienced technicians that use safe and effective bed bug removal methods. Contact our Niagara pest removal team today to schedule an inspection or to discuss an appropriate treatment plan for your business. Don’t wait any longer; gain the peace of mind you need as a business owner.