Will Bed Bugs Leave On Their Own?

Will Bed Bugs Leave On Their Own?

Don’t count on bed bugs to go away on their own. In theory, they can. In practice, they don’t unless several highly specific circumstances occur. Your best bet is professional bed bugs treatment.

These two things must happen for bed bugs to leave on their own:

  • Six to 12 months elapse.
  • During that time, the bed bugs have no blood to feed on.

This could theoretically happen in, say, an abandoned building. Even then, bed bugs could feed on wild animals. Bottom line: You are stuck with the bed bugs unless you seek treatment.

Why Bed Bugs Live Undetected for Weeks

Bed bugs are experts at hiding for weeks or even longer. In the winter, they’re even harder to find because they become sluggish and leave their hiding places less often to feed.

In general, the bugs feed about once a week and can hide in small holes and cracks. They like to burrow in mattresses and other warm spots. They venture out at night for feeding, another reason they remain undetected for weeks. If you’re asleep, you don’t see them.

Interesting fact: In Canada, bed bugs hit their peak between June and October. The weather is warm, and the bugs reproduce quickly. Pregnant bed bugs lay up to five eggs per day, and these eggs take no more than two weeks to hatch. It’s possible to get rid of most bed bugs in a house, but just wait until a new round of eggs hatches.

Beware of DIY Treatments

This type of scenario often happens: A renter, landlord or homeowner uses DIY tactics to get rid of bed bugs. And it seems to work! The signs of live bed bugs lessen over several weeks and then there are seemingly no signs at all…until the day the cycle begins again.

Revival almost always happens with DIY treatments. They’re notoriously ineffective with these stubborn and persistent bugs. “Fun” fact: Bed bugs are even the most difficult pest for most professionals to treat.

The Best Way To Remove Bed Bugs

Expert bed bugs treatment is the way to go. You’re tired of sharing your home with bed bugs. You’re sick of being bitten. The constant cleaning exhausts you, then there’s the stress about others judging your housekeeping skills or your hygiene. Just so you know, bed bugs are not your fault. They hitchhike easily and can enter your house through luggage, furniture, clothes, bedding and even electronics.

Bottom line: You need your home back! DIY treatment is successful for some things but is not likely to be with bed bugs.

  • Treatment is a multi-layered process that considers bed bug life cycles and patterns.
  • Multiple treatments are necessary to fully get rid of bed bugs.
  • With DIY treatment, it’s too easy to forget a step or to do one aspect incompletely.
  • Bed bugs are resistant to many chemical DIY treatments.

Let Truly Nolen Help

Truly Nolen can eradicate the bed bugs in your apartment, condo or home. Before you throw out your belongings, get in touch. We can treat and save most of these possessions.

We conduct an inspection to pinpoint areas of infestation. Common areas include in and around beds. Bed bugs have flat bodies ideal for hiding in seams, around mattress buttons and in mattress tufts. If the infestation is serious, you might even find the bugs on headboards and night tables.

After our inspection confirms bed bugs, we develop an action plan. The program involves a patent-pending misting system that invades bed bug hiding spots. The system meets health and environmental safety standards and is registered with Truly Canada. Our professionals conduct multiple treatments through the bugs’ life cycle to fully eliminate them.

Get in touch today to schedule an inspection. Free your life of these obnoxious bed bugs.