Your Home Might Be the Winter Retreat of Spiders


Have you ever wondered where spiders spend their time during the winter? Are they braving the cold or taking refuge in some warm location? Do they hibernate, or just hide away, waiting for the cold weather to pass? Well, they actually do all of the above, depending on the type of spider you are dealing with, they all handle the winter months differently. Spiders are cold-blooded creatures, and therefore need to regulate the temperature around them during the colder times of the year, especially during winters in Canada. Most spiders live for only one season as an adult, with their sole purpose to produce offspring. Insulating their eggs with layers of silk helps to protect and keep the younglings warm before they reach maturity in the spring.

Home Dwelling Spiders

There are a number of species that much prefer the warmth of the indoors during winter, and they are the reason for some necessary spider control this time of the year. A variety of spiders that enjoy the indoors tend to be venomous to humans, and thus should not be left lying around if detected. The brown recluse is one such spider. Along with the brown recluse spider, other species of hunter spider, not harmful to humans, can be found nesting among boxes, old wood piles, in cracks and holes throughout the house.

More often than not, these house dwelling spiders will find a place that is not disrupted by human activity. They do sometimes manage to find their way into coat sleeves and clothing cupboards from time to time, as well as curtain seams, between couch cushions, and under tables.

Protecting Your Home

Some species of spiders much prefer a climate controlled environment, and with the added benefit of not having to stick to the natural mating cycles of nature. They are simply not as affected by the changing temperatures. Spider control within your home should be an important part of your yearly maintenance routine and something that needs to be done thoroughly and consistently. A detailed and regular cleaning of unused spaces in the home, as well as storage space, will help to ensure that any spiders that you may have do not get out of control. An infestation of dangerous spiders is not something that you want. They can pose a serious risk to the health and livelihood of both your family and your beloved pets.

Your Complete Spider Control Solution

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