4 Tips To Keep Wasps Out of Your Garage

4 Tips To Keep Wasps Out of Your Garage

As a homeowner, wasps can be one of the most frustrating insects to deal with. Whether it’s making an unwanted nest in your backyard or finding their way into your garage, having wasps around is largely unpleasant– which is why preventing them from entering in the first place should be a top priority! In this blog post, we’ll explore some effective tips and tricks that homeowners can use to kick problematic wasps out of their garage for good and discover when it’s time to contact wasp pest control services.

Wasp Pest Control Tips

While most wasp attacks aren’t lethal, they can be deadly if you’re allergic. Pets with multiple stings are also in danger if not immediately taken to the vet.

Wasps build nests in the spring, so be vigilant during this time. If you notice a growing number of wasps in your neighbourhood, you can be proactive with these four tips.

1. Address Food and Water Sources

According to wasp pest control experts, sweet smells attract wasps. Unfortunately, plenty of sources create sweet scents:

  • Fruits trees
  • Flowers
  • Garbage

That’s right — though humans associate garbage with terrible smells, it can signify ample food to wasps, which pick up on sodas and other sugary treats. As a result, it’s essential to keep your trash bins covered. You should also store them away from your house and other structures, such as sheds.

Additionally, take care if you eat or host a party outside. Clean up any crumbs or spills to keep these pests from venturing into your yard.

Finally, get rid of standing water. Not only do bird baths and ponds attract wasps, but they’re also a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

2. Repair Screens

Unfortunately, wasps sometimes venture into homes looking for a safe place to build a nest. As a result, wasp pest control experts recommend installing and maintaining screens on windows, vents and other possible entry points.

These screens allow adequate airflow without giving wasps an opening. Of course, they can sustain damage and wear out over time, so it’s crucial to inspect these screens regularly.

3. Remove Empty Nests

An empty nest is better than a nest still in use, but you shouldn’t leave it be. If wasps return to your property, the old nest shows the area is hospitable to a colony.

Rather than searching “how to get rid of a wasp nest” and tackling it on your own, call a professional to ascertain that the net is actually empty. You don’t want to accidentally rile up a swarm.

If the nest is empty, it should be relatively easy to remove. They’re usually small, no bigger than a baseball, and mud and wood pulp.

4. Keep Up With Home Maintenance

Unfortunately, crawlspaces are the perfect place for wasps to build nests. These bugs can squeeze into attics, under decks and even inside walls, where they start to breed.

To keep these pests out of your house, keep up with home maintenance. According to wasp pest control professionals, insects can enter your home through the following:

  • Gaps in window and door frames
  • Holes in siding
  • Cracks in the foundation

Caulk can solve most of these problems, though you may need a contractor if you notice damage reappearing in the same area.
In addition to caring for your house, don’t forget to take precautions with your yard. Remove piles of firewood or place them well away from your home, as they can attract yellow jackets. If you garden, you can plant greenery that deters these insects:

  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Mint
  • Lemongrass
  • Marigolds

While humans enjoy the scents (and sometimes tastes) of the above flora, the smell is overpowering for wasps.

Best Approach to Wasp Pest Control

If your wasp problem persists despite attempting these four tips, reach out to Truly Nolen for professional wasp pest control services. Our team knows how to get rid of wasps and many other insects in a safe, timely manner. We can also help you guard your house against future infestations. Contact us today and take back your garage before it’s too late!