5 Reasons Rats Are Dangerous

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Do you view rats as furry friends, or do you see them as a sinister situation that necessitates home rodent control on speed dial? Unfortunately, even if you think these rodents are cute, they don’t belong in your home! Rats can pose several dangers to your residence as well as the people who live in it. Read on to discover five reasons why rats can be dangerous and learn how to prevent them from invading your home.

1. Rats Bite

Ouch! Do you need any more reason to rid yourself of rats forever? If you have small children or pets, this trait of rats can be particularly concerning. Rat bites don’t always lead to disease like the aptly named “rat-bite fever”, but these puncture wounds can hurt and cause infection if the wound is not treated properly. While most rats won’t search for a human to bite, when cornered, they can be very mean and aggressive and will defend themselves against any perceived threats. This may include you, your pet, or your child.

2. Rats Carry Diseases

Have you ever heard of the Black Death of the Middle Ages? This disease (also known as the bubonic plague) was introduced by rats to citizens of Europe in the 14th century — and over half of the European population died because of it. Modern rats may not carry the plague into your home, but they can bring in salmonella bacteria and several other types of diseases that you’d probably prefer never learning about from personal experience. You and your family will stay much healthier by keeping those rats out of your home.

3. Rats Make Your Home Dirty

Though even the cleanest rat can present health hazards to you and your family, most wild rats are not like the pets in cages that you see in stores. Small, black droppings scattered throughout your residence may have been the first clue that you had a few new furry roommates. Rats can also carry fleas and ticks into your home, and these bonus pests can spread additional infectious diseases, latch onto your pets, and nibble on your skin. A dirty home might attract other pests, like cockroaches, to the mess as well.

4. Rats Shed

If you have an indoor cat or dog, you know that these domestic animals shed a lot. Rats do too. Seeing small black hairs on your furniture and along your baseboards may not immediately prompt you to set traps and put out poison, but it might make you want to schedule an evaluation of your home to see if there’s a more serious problem lurking underneath your floorboards. 

5. Rats Damage Your Property

Rats, like puppies, love to chew on just about everything. This problem isn’t benign, though, and it’s much less cute than that big-eyed puppy that has just bitten a hole through your favourite leather shoe. Because rats often live in the walls and under the floorboards of your home, they’ve got access to much more dangerous snacking material. They might chew on the wood in your house’s structure or even gnaw through your electrical wiring — which could potentially start a fire.

Give Truly Nolen a Call

Whether you like rats or think they’re pests, you need to understand the damage they could cause to your home due to their habits and their ability to carry and spread fatal diseases. It can be difficult for homeowners to take care of a rat problem by themselves: Rats often hide and they can even spread poison around your home. If you have rats, it’s best to get the advice of a professional before proceeding. Contact Truly Nolen to schedule your inspection today.