Bed Bugs Inside Your Car? Yes. It’s Possible

If you’ve deemed folks who ban food in their cars as being a bit too strict, think again. Vehicles, like homes, can become a target for all sorts of pests, including bugs. Car infestations happen for numerous reasons, from neglecting maintenance to postponing repairs. If you’ve been procrastinating with your car maintenance, you could begin to notice signs that the bugs have settled in. When you notice these signs, the only right solution is to call a professional pest removal company. Trying to intervene with the problem on your own could do further damage to the vehicle, or even void your warranty.

What Causes Bug Infestations in Cars

Bed bugs target cars that have plenty of crumbs, trash, and clutter. In short, if you don’t keep your car clean, you could be inviting bugs. This means regular vacuuming, cleaning, and washing are important steps in keeping bugs from being attracted to the inside of your car.  Having a “no food and drinks inside the car” policy is a good way to keep the bed bugs away. Performing regular maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines will also help bed bugs from finding their way into your car. Despite your best efforts to keep the car clean and well-maintained, bed bugs can still find their way in. Even the environment in which you live could be playing a part in bed bug activity. If you already know that surrounding homes frequently face bed bug problems, pay additional attention to the safety of your car. Here are some of the signs that your car is under bed bug attack:

Red or brownish spots – If you notice unexplainable spots across the cars interior, it could indicate that bed bugs have settled in. You need to react urgently, as bed bugs reproduce fast, keeping in mind that the number of bugs in your vehicle is growing with every week that passes by. Even if you see obvious signs of bugs, it may be more difficult to locate their nests. A professional pest removal technician has been trained to seek out areas that bed bugs hide.

Bugs and exoskeletons – The presence of bugs on its own is alarming, but the presence of exoskeletons might suggest a couple of them had already lived a full life-cycle in your car, including the reproductive cycle. Bed bugs will normally hide in the tight spaces of your car, as they’re tough to reach. Make sure to check the glove compartment, as well as the areas underneath and around car seats, looking for the signs of long-term bug presence.

You’ve Confirmed a Bed Bug Infestation? Call Truly Nolen Canada Pest Control

If you’re seeing repeated signs of bed bugs in your car, despite thorough cleaning and maintenance, you may have not located all the nesting spots. Though a general recommendation implies stripping the car interior, washing and steam cleaning, it might not be enough to destroy all the nests. Keep in mind that bed bugs can occupy spaces you can’t reach without removing some of the cars interior paneling, which brings up the problem of voiding any warranty. Enter Truly Nolen Canada. A pest control company that consists of experts who will remove the bed bug infestation from your car safely and effectively. Once you’ve called, our technicians will inspect the vehicle, and strategize the steps towards removal. After all of the bugs and nests have been exterminated, we will point out potential entry spots and the necessary measures to keep your car bug-proof.