Can Ants Still Be a Problem in Cold Weather?

Can Ants Still be a Problem in Cold Weather

As the winter approaches, most insect populations dwindle. You will tend not to notice them as much and may think that you can hold off on pest control until the spring. However, some insects, including ants, can still be a problem in cold weather. In some ways, the issue can be even worse due to the low temperatures. So, don’t be hesitant to call for ant removal, even in the dead of winter.

What Ants Do During the Winter

Like most other creatures, ants take some special precautions to help them survive through the winter. They find places to shelter such a deep soil where they can maintain body heat and protect the queen. Their movements become slower, and they enter a dormant state, supported by stored calories from the previous fall. This is all an automatic response to the drop in temperature.

However, humans offer ants another option. They can remain active when inside warm houses. In most cases, their main colony will continue to survive outside and underground. However, they may establish a satellite colony inside the walls of a home.

This secondary colony can scavenge food and other materials throughout the winter months. However, they may go into hibernation if that part of your house starts to get colder.

Why You Need To Be Concerned

Unlike during warm weather, ants will not frequently come into your home during cold weather. In other words, if you see them, they were already inside with a satellite colony. There are some exceptions to this, but it is very rare to see ants too far from a colony during the colder months.

Additionally, beyond making off with your food, they may also cause significant damage to structural materials such as wood and drywall. This is especially true in the area surrounding the colony.

In short, if you are seeing ants in the winter, you likely need to call for ant removal services. This is a sign that you have a significant problem that will require more than a few DIY methods.

How To Avoid Ants in the Winter

The strategies for avoiding ant problems in the winter are similar to those in the summer. Essentially, you want to avoid giving ants any reason to set up a colony in your house. They are selecting places to shelter based on easy access to food and other resources. 

These are some tips you should follow:

  • Don’t leave pet food out in bowls or otherwise accessible (such as a paper bag or open container).
  • Vacuum and clean your floors frequently. Also, clean up spills and messes promptly.
  • Store flour, cereal and other pantry foods in sealed containers. These are major attractants for ants and other pests.
  • Immediately clean any areas with ant trails or other signs of activity. Use a product with bleach or ammonia to clean because this will make it harder for them to find their way back.
  • Store fruit in containers or in the fridge.

What To Do If Prevention Isn’t Enough

If you start to notice ants in the winter (or during the warmer weather), you can call Truly Nolen Canada for pest control. We know ants and can find where they are hiding to make sure their colony is completely eliminated from your home. To achieve this, we use special products that the ants will bring into their colonies, defeating them from the inside. Additionally, we will help you to protect your home against future infestations.

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