Carpenter Ant Damage

In 2014, CBC reported a noticeable rise in Halifax’s carpenter ant population. During warmer months the ants come out to drill into wood damaging homes. Carpenter ants are always a regular problem around the city.  Neighbourhoods become infested with them as they move from house to house. There’s no reason the ant problem hasn’t continued to rise. Destroying main structural elements to homes, buildings and any other wood carpenter ants sink their teeth into.

Left untreated a carpenter ant colony can destroy large segments of your home. They prefer damp wood. So, points of entry, such as attic vents, foundations, cracks or any where moisture comes from outside are high volume areas. A single colony of carpenter ants can develop satellite or parent colonies. Both can get out of control in your home very quickly. They have a thirst for the most important structural wood in a house. Carpenter ants enjoy wall voids, hollow doors, windows and foam panels. Preferably any wood that has been softened by moisture, decay or other insects.

Piles of wood shavings under items are the first sign of a severe carpenter ant infestation. Faint rustling noises inside wood or walls is another sign there might be colony building activity. However, seeing a single carpenter ant might not mean an infestation. They travel long distances for food. Once you see large winged ants coming out of different parts of your home you can be certain there is a colony or nest close-by.

Carpenter ants can easily be mistaken for termites. However, they have very different characteristics. A clean and polished colony is the largest differences between the two insects. The carpenter ant’s galleries are smooth inside, almost like it was done with a tool. Termites are dirty. They leave giant piles of dirt and mud. Examine the damaged wood. Carpenter ants leave tiny holes where they throw away debris creating a small pile of wood shavings, debris and dead insects.

Over the course of years, carpenter ants can cause significant destruction to your home. They can hollow out whole sections of load bearing walls or beams. As the colonies get larger, the damage increases as well. If you suspect carpenter ants are infesting your home contact Halifax’s Truly Nolen Pest Control.