Feathered Neighbours – Summertime Birds Nesting On Your Property

Have you been discovering bird droppings across your property? If that has been happening, you should have a Canadian professional pest control company complete an inspection and suggest the best way to get rid of birds. Though pleasant to have near your home, birds such as pigeons, house sparrows and starlings can pose a health threat. They carry a long list of infectious diseases, which can become a major problem in both private and commercial properties. But, how can you tell you have a problem with wild birds?

Look for Signs of Birds Nesting

There are numerous ways to detect birds on your property. Most obvious would be the feces and feather residue. Bird feces can create moisture and mold problems in the ceiling area and around the roofs since birds look for poorly maintained roofs to get inside attics. Others, like starlings and sparrows, will build nests on roofs and along the roof lining. You will mainly find the signs of bird presence near air ducts and venting systems, pipes, exhaust fans, beams, exterior lights and signage. All of these are areas which are convenient for birds to build nests due to their shape.

When inspecting the property for bird presence, also pay attention to the presence of eggs and chicks, this is a definite sign that a bird nest is near. Upon the discovery of birds, the best thing to do next is to call a pest control expert for your property.

Why You Should Call a Pest Control Company Instead of Removing the Birds on Your Own?

Due to the risks that come from handling feral birds, excluding them from a property requires expert knowledge and equipment. Truly Nolen Canada uses special equipment and tools that prevent further contamination and protect the technicians from contagious diseases. If you were to handle removing bird nests on your own, it would require protective equipment like a breathing mask, gloves, and sometimes even a protective suit.

What Can Truly Nolen do to Keep the Birds Off Your Property?

Truly Nolen uses safe and efficient strategies to get the birds out of your home. If you need help with bird removal, there are a couple things that Truly Nolen can do for you:

  • Trap the birds using non-toxic baits, which doesn’t pose a threat to your pets or family.
  • Exclude the birds using our Bird Prevention system, which will remove any possibility of birds getting to the exterior parts of your home.
  • Adjust your landscape to stop drawing birds, using strategies that will make the landscape unappealing to birds. These include the modifications of harborage zones, filling in depressions and cracks, lifting up stacked materials, as well as disinfect the areas that have been infested with birds to avoid disease spread.

Can’t Fight Off Birds on Your Own? Truly Nolen Canada is the Pest Control Company for You!

Truly Nolen Canada first identifies the location of the birds and then handles the removal in safest and most humane way. Bird nests are removed in a way which won’t harm the birds, using the protective equipment for the technicians and the right tools to completely remove the nests without damaging the infrastructure of the property. Contact Truly Nolen today if you are experiencing nuisance birds on your property.