Keeping Rats from Nesting in Your Vehicle

TrulyNolen-Blog-Keeping Rats from Nesting in Your Vehicle

If you’ve been reading some of our previous posts, you’ll notice how frequently we mention rat intelligence. It’s true that they’re super-smart and very careful creatures. Rats will make the most of every tiny opportunity that you present them with. Chimney stack? Perfect for a nest. Trash overflowing from the waste container? A meal for rats. Impossibly small and undetectable holes in the foundations of your home? Well, that’s a pretty clear entry and exit point for them.

So they’ll take advantage of these situations. But what has your car got to do with rat nests and rat control? We’ll explain why even your car needs effective rat control. Fail to do so and the infestation could quickly spread its way inside your home. When it does, you’ll need our trusted Truly Nolen assistance.

Why Are There Rats Under the Hood?

Rats will turn to just about anywhere they can for shelter and warmth – particularly during winter. Creating their nest under the hood of your car is more common than you may think. Even though it may not look like it to you, underneath that hood is everything a mother rat needs to create her nest and give birth. They’ll be able to sneak into the area in a way that only they can. This means that predators won’t be able to chase them all the way home.

The enclosed area will also provide them with the shelter they need from rain, sleet, and snow. It’s also very well hidden, so they won’t be spotted. If the hood is opened and they are spotted, then they can hide between the nooks and crannies of your engine and other components.

With easy access, shelter and additional warmth, underneath the hood of your car doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, does it?

Keep Rats Out of Reach

As you’ve guessed, a rat nest underneath the hood of your car will cause all sorts of problems. One unlucky couple were woken up by the police with their truck in flames. The heat can easily ignite the materials used to build a rat’s nest, and when that catches, it can be extremely destructive.

So how do you keep rats away from nesting in your car? First of all, keep your car clean and reduce clutter. Coffee cups, trash, and other daily items need to be removed. Leave them around too long and a rat will find some way to use them. Another obvious thing to do is to make sure that doors and windows are always closed. Don’t make access to your car any easier than it needs to be. Try to avoid parking near bushes, hedges, and trees too. If you have foliage on your driveway at home, then consider cutting it back. This is just another tool that rats can use to access your car.

Let Truly Nolen Take Care of Your Rat Control Issues

At Truly Nolen, we take care of every type of rat control issue so that you don’t have to. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before when it comes to rodents. Ensure that you don’t have to deal with this type of issue by contacting us as soon as you expect you have a rat control problem. Rats are famously fast re-producers: that small nest will quickly multiply into a devastating problem if you don’t react.