Acton Pest Removal: Why Are Wasps Aggressive in the Fall?

Acton Pest Removal: Why Are Wasps Aggressive in the Fall?

As an Acton homeowner, you share the environment with a variety of different insect species, including wasps. These social creatures are known for their dedication to protecting their nests from people and predators with their ability to sting repeatedly and attack in a swarm. They can act as one when necessary and form symbiotic relationships with their larvae, bringing them food and feeding off the sweet liquid the young create in return.

However, you may notice that as the summer ends, these insects often get more aggressive. You may see them closer to your home as they search for food and leave crowded hives. If you need wasp control in Acton, call us at Truly Nolen Pest Control for assistance and to learn more about why wasps get more aggressive as the fall approaches.

Wasps Must Protect Their Queen

As the weather cools, it signals that the life cycle for most wasps in the hive is nearing its end. Most die off, all but the queen, who survives the winter by hibernating underground. The others in the hive prepare for this in several ways, including:

  • Increased protection of the hive
  • Sending out pheromones to other wasps to organize attacks
  • Continued feeding and protection of the queen

This increased aggression could cause wasps to attack more rapidly than usual, which might mean danger for your kids or pets if they happen to disturb a nest in your yard.

Greater Hive Populations

Adult wasps care for larvae all summer long, and as the young grow out of the larval stage, it makes the hive crowded, and competition for space and food among the insects increases. One nest can house thousands of individuals, and when space gets scarce, this tends to make wasps more aggressive.

Food Sources Become Scarce

During the spring and summer, as adult wasps bring food for the larvae, the young feed them a sweet liquid in return. However, when fall arrives, the larvae become adult wasps and begin to leave the nest. This means that older adults must find their own food, which makes them bad-tempered.

Wasps may invite themselves to your picnics and barbeques during this time of year in search of sweet foods and liquids, like soda, to satisfy their hunger. The presence of several insects might indicate there is a hive nearby, and calling in Truly Nolen pest professionals for wasp control in Acton can help keep your family safe.

Falling Temperatures

Cooler weather can make wasps seek out heat sources to survive the remainder of the season, including inside your home. They might enter through gaps in your siding and hide behind your wall or in your attic.

If you suspect the presence of these insects in or around your home and need to know how to get rid of wasps safely, our Truly Nolen pest removal technicians can help.

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Wasp Nest Removal

While the internet offers a variety of advice about how to remove wasp nests from your property, a DIY effort can result in disaster. When wasps feel threatened, they send out pheromone signals that cause other members of the hive to become more aggressive as well, which could result in a series of painful stings.

Instead of researching DIY wasp removal solutions, look up “affordable wasp control near me” and discover all the different treatment solutions we at Truly Nolen offer.

How We Handle Wasp Control in Acton

When our pest removal technicians arrive at your home, they will inspect the property and seek out any wasp nests present. Wasps build under porch eaves, on the corners of high windows and on the corners of outbuildings. Once our technicians identify a nest, they can create a treatment plan tailor-made to your needs and ensure the steps we choose to keep your home wasp-free.

Contact Us Today for Wasp Control

Aggressive wasps can spoil fall outdoor activities and pose a danger to your children and pets. While this behaviour is a normal part of a wasp’s life cycle, it can increase the chances of receiving several painful stings. Contact us today at Truly Nolen and schedule an inspection or for more information about wasp removal.