Acton Pest Control: The Best Ways to Keep Mice Out

Acton Pest Control: The Best Ways to Keep Mice Out

Mice are destructive creatures, despite their relative cuteness. An infestation can result in significant property damage and risks to homeowner health and safety. The best way to keep mice out of your home is to employ the services of mice control in Acton.

Rodent control services can help homeowners with prevention and mitigation strategies. With the right tools and commitment to sanitary practices, mice should never become a significant problem in your house. Still, keeping Truly Nolen on speed dial will provide extra comfort.

4 Dos and Don’ts of Rodent Maintenance

While professional pest control services are necessary to resolve existing problems or infestations, homeowners have a considerable influence over the possibility and severity of rodent infestations. Mice access a home often because of poor maintenance and upkeep. Rodents stay and colonize or nest because of clutter and access to food.

Homeowners can protect their properties by following straightforward rules or guidelines. Following the four dos and don’ts of rodent maintenance can significantly reduce your risk of ever experiencing an infestation.

1. Do Store Trash Properly

Many homeowners use tightly-sealed trash containers or bins outside; they typically store them at the side of the garage. Inside, people tend to have open cans, especially if they keep them under counters or inside lower cabinets.

Mice have an excellent sense of smell. An open garbage can is like a beckoning call to rodents, even when stored in a cabinet. If you have a mouse problem, keeping trash under the counter provides easier access.

Regardless of where you keep your garbage, you must keep it in a secure can with a tight-fitting lid. Also, remove any trash from inside your home at least once daily.

2. Do Seal Potential Entry Points

Properties take a beating throughout the year. Each season brings its own threats that can damage a house. With its ice and snow, winter can do a number on your home’s roof. With its severe thunderstorms and other volatile storms, the summer brings chances for broken windows and other issues.

During all the exposure to the seasons, a house can wear. Cracks can appear along the foundation, screens can develop holes, and sealant can peel away. All of these potential issues present possible entry points to small rodents.

Several times throughout the year, walk your property and look for vulnerabilities. Mice can fit through a hole the diameter of an average pen. Pest control professionals can make quick work of sealing your property.

3. Do Not Use Your Cat as Mouse Control

In your search for what is the best way to control mice, you may have come across several videos depicting a cat staring with disinterest as a mouse scurries across the floor. Cats are not an effective method of mouse control.

Not only do many cats not enjoy chasing and catching mice, especially indoor cats, but also rodents can transmit diseases. Don’t risk your cat’s health; call a professional rodent control service.

4. Do Properly Store Food

Mice can easily smell food in cardboard boxes and plastic or paper bags. The animal can also chew through the boxes and packaging of most snacks and dry pet foods.

To limit access, you must store food properly. For example, store bread in a metal bread box or a suitable container. Also, store cereal in a glass or plastic jar. Finally, store pet food in a dry storage bin, many pet food containers have a lockable or secure top to prevent rodents.

Mice Control Near Me

Mice in your home are a problem that nobody wants to deal with, but there are plenty of ways you can proactively prevent and reduce the chances of them invading your space. Contact the Truly Nolen team in Acton for safe and effective solutions to your mouse problem and schedule a property inspection.