Barrie Pest Control: Where Did Rats Get Their Bad Reputation?

Where Did Rats Get Their Bad Reputation

Throughout history, rats have been associated with disease, filth and even hate. Today, the mere thought of a rat infestation in your home or around your property can be terror-inducing. The disgust surrounding the rat has been a phenomenon for thousands of years, however, some of the horror behind rats is undeserving. Rats, like any other rodent, don’t belong in your home, so if you think you have a problem on your property, you’ll need a professional with years of experience in rodent removal, Truly Nolen.

The Origins of Rat Hate

Out of all of the common rodents in the region, rats probably have the worst reputation. Even though they are similar in behaviour and appearance to mice, rats get more hate. One reason may be that they are larger than mice and can be viewed as more threatening. Their larger size means they can cause more damage, eat more and leave behind significant droppings and destruction. They also may be more aggressive when cornered than mice.  

Stories, myths and culture have also pushed the narrative that rats are scary and vicious. Portions of the Bible suggest that rats are dirty, and during the Middle Ages, rats helped spread diseases like the plague, contributing to millions of deaths. In popular culture and media, rats are often portrayed as villains instead of cute and friendly.

Appreciating This Commonly Misunderstood Rodent

A lot of the negativity surrounding this common rodent is unwarranted. Rats are actually quite intelligent, especially when performing cognitive tests. This intelligence makes them much more difficult to outsmart when they get into buildings or residences. They are also very social creatures and have a distinctive way of interacting with other rats.

Some people keep rats as pets. Pet rats can be trained to perform tricks and come when called by their name. They also can be very affectionate like dogs or cats. In lab studies, rats have also been known to show signs of empathy and morality towards other creatures. Rats also are part of a complex ecosystem and may help with tree growth in some parts of the world.  

Keeping Rats Out of Your Home

Even though rats are smart and affectionate, they are still not welcome in your home or other human spaces. Rats may carry certain diseases and pathogens and spread them to you or your loved ones. Their intelligence and suspicions of new things in their environment make them incredibly difficult to catch and remove on your own. For a rat problem, it’s best to go with a skilled pro in pest control in Barrie, Truly Nolen.

Rats thrive in environments where trash is kept out in the open, so the best preventative step is to invest in secure garbage cans that rats can’t chew through. Any type of opening in your property should also be completely sealed off to prevent rats or other rodents from getting inside.

Rodent Removal and More

Tackling a rat infestation problem is not something the average homeowner can handle. Rats are difficult to catch due to their intelligence. They can also quickly multiply and pose a serious threat to your family’s safety and health. Our approach to rat control is to use bait and traps to remove rats from your home or property. A rat problem has to be addressed right away to keep them from interacting with humans or pets in your home.

Truly Nolen has the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to solve a rat infestation. Contact us to schedule a property inspection to determine the extent of your rodent problem and develop a fast solution. We use a four-season approach to help prevent new infestations and keep rodents out of your space.