3 Tips To Keep Pests Out of Commercial Buildings In Brampton This Winter

3 Tips To Keep Pests Out of Commercial Buildings In Brampton This Winter!

Every winter, it’s the same old song and dance: you want to keep pests out of your commercial building, and pests try to make their way in at every opportunity. Pest removal is essential for passing health inspections and maintaining a respectful work environment. The best way to combat this seasonal occurrence is with calculated prevention and preparedness measures. Learn three tips to help protect your commercial building from pest infestations and who to call for pest removal in Brampton this winter. 

Communicate Concerns With Staff and Maintenance 

Depending on your industry, commercial pest control might not be in every employee’s wheelhouse of expertise, which means they likely have no idea what to look for to help you. Communicate your concerns to staff and maintenance by identifying which pests are common in the area.

Including staff and maintenance in part of the solution prevents two issues from happening. One, pest issues go unnoticed. Two, employees communicate their concerns about pests to people outside of your company, and unfortunate information is spread along with pest infestation. The best approach is head-on and with transparency to ensure that you get in front of both issues. 

Identify and Remediate What Attracts Pests to the Building 

Depending on the industry that you’re in, the reason for pests invading your building during the winter months may range from warm shelter to free food and water. Regardless of your specialty, pests are attracted to any area where they are less likely to freeze or be eaten during the harsh winter weather. 

To remediate these issues, attempt to find pests in the building with two specific purposes in mind. Look for entry points and identify where and what kind of food pests are getting. You can typically find entry points by reviewing even the most low-grade cameras. As far as locating the pest buffet location, task maintenance with looking for the pests’ droppings in areas you think are suspect. Of course, a sighting of the actual problem in a specific area will also give this information away very quickly. 

Establish Purposeful Sanitation and Perimeter Routines 

Laying the groundwork for successful prevention has been mostly communication-based so far. Getting the proper sanitation and perimeter routines under control requires more planning and elbow grease. 

Asking employees to take on additional tasks may not be the best approach for a unified team effort, especially when it comes to pests. A professional commercial pest control operation will know exactly how to strengthen your current sanitation and perimeter routines and whether or not you need additional support to complete the undertaking. 


Sanitation has to do with essential cleanliness and maintaining common areas that all employees use. These tasks typically do not require additional staffing solutions, aside from HVAC consultations. 

  • Clean outdoor eating areas daily 
  • Remove outdoor trashes daily 
  • Seal other garbage collection bins tightly
  • Reduce sources of moisture by consulting HVAC professionals 


For the most part, maintenance crews can help secure the perimeters of your property but are often not adequately trained on pest control. General property and building maintenance are already labour-intensive jobs. Mitigating issues outside the building include:

  • Inspection for entry points 
  • Proper sealing of entry points on both sides
  • Ensuring that there are no nests inside the building 
  • Proper landscaping maintenance 
  • Installation of gravel or pavement strips surrounding the building
  • Outdoor sanitation maintenance 

Pests don’t get through each winter by not outsmarting someone. Should your building be the target of a pest infestation despite your best efforts, you’re not alone. Sometimes, even the most purposeful and preventative measures are met with fierce resistance. Rather than accept your fate and a potential code violation, contact the experts at Truly Nolen pest control in Brampton to tackle your problem as soon as you realize the signs of a pest issue.