Keeping Customers and Employees Happy With Commercial Pest Control in Brampton

Keeping Customers and Employees Happy

Pest management isn’t just about eradicating pests. For full commercial pest control in Brampton, your business needs an integrated approach that combines professional services with best practices to prevent pests. Employees should be trained to spot signs of pests. Your maintenance crew should work hard to keep pests out. Here are some tips that can help you with pest control by partnering with a professional service.

Ensure All Entry Points Are Sealed

Talk to the professional who provides residential and commercial pest control services for your business to identify any places where pests can get in your building. The first line of defence is to keep pests out. Pests can get through small cracks and holes that are often hard to find. Correct those issues. Inspect your building for future openings where pests might enter.

Inspect Pallets and Shipments of Products

During transit, a shipment of goods can pick up unwanted passengers. Watch for signs of pests on pallets and in boxes that you bring into your business, such as:

  • Product damage
  • Gnawing on boxes or pallets
  • Mouse droppings
  • Live or dead insects in packaging or under the shrink wrap
  • Mouse or insect nests

Ensure Store Is Cleaned Regularly  

Pests are attracted to food and water. Managing these three items will reduce the number of pests that come into your building. A trash can with small pieces of food or food wrappers is a smorgasbord for pests. Keeping your business clean is vital to a pest-free space.

Have a daily system of cleaning up counters and taking out the trash to keep food wrappers and crumbs under control. Sweep and mop daily. Train employees who clean to watch for signs of pests to alert you. Think of diligence as the ounce of prevention that avoids a pound of cure.

Clean weekly to prevent crumbs and other spills from building up. Make sure to get under counters and in other hard-to-reach places. Watch for water leaks or places where moisture is available to pests. Even small amounts of water will attract insects.

Reduce Clutter

After food and water, pests want to find places to hide and nest to reproduce. Clutter gives them the opportunity to hide and reproduce. Stacks of old newspapers or other products are a wealth of opportunities for all types of pests. Neglected spaces are another place where pests can easily multiply. Clutter can hide the evidence of pests. Keep your inventory well organized. Don’t let clutter build up in unused rooms.

What Businesses Need Pest Control The Most?

Every commercial operation should use pest control, but the businesses that rely on cleanliness as part of their brand need commercial pest control in Brampton more. Restaurants and fast-food chains are especially vulnerable to pests because food attracts them. Hotels, with warm rooms and soft comfortable furniture, are also attractive to pests because many patrons eat in the rooms. Office buildings also house people, who usually eat throughout the day, which leaves food wrappers and crumbs in the office. Regardless of the industry, office buildings cannot afford to have a pest infestation.

Pests hurt the reputation of a business. Employees don’t want to work around insects or rodents. Customers won’t want to see pests in the businesses they patronize. In the age of social media, one pest sighting can really damage your reputation very quickly. We recommend all businesses have a strong program for commercial pest control in Brampton. If you’re not sure where to start, talk to the Truly Nolen technicians. Our team is trained, licensed and insured to provide pest control services for maximum effect with minimal chemicals. Contact us to make sure no unwanted pests move in.